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Genka crouched a bit and moved back, sweeping his head over Tank’s face from chin to forehead.
His palms kneaded his neat little breasts, and now his penis hung very low, swaying from his movements and touching his nose and cheeks.
Tatiana did not attempt to turn away, and then completely stuck out her tongue, trying to lick the head.
– Oleg, what are you looking at !? He is now your wife for the sunnet cheek! – Katya teased him.
– Do not sunet! – he answered, although he himself was not at all sure of that.
– And if anything, I have his wife at hand.
– without looking, he extended his hand and squeezed his soft chest.
– I’ll take off.
– Do not press too much! – Katerina moved closer to him without taking her eyes off what was happening in the next room.
– All to you, Olezhik, jokes.
Genka really did not poke his cheek.
He again came from the opposite side and took up his feet.
Massaging his ankle, he put his foot on his shoulder and moved to the thigh.
Then Tatyana’s second leg was also there.
Also in the process of massaging the upper side of the thigh, the panties of her swimsuit slipped a little, opening intimate places, but not much, still covering the crotch from Genkin’s gaze from above. Teen orgasm on cam.

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