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You do not want to eat? – he asked.
– Oh, fuck her this food.
Eat thing pig.
Let’s go! – I said, wearing shoes.
– Well, look, otherwise I made you a pizza there, as you like.
With bacon! BUT? Yanik Eat it.
– begged Mitya.
– Do not Mit, thanks.
I do not want.
Do not climb anything now.
Are you ready? – Well, that’s only if the shoes.
– Brown let out? – I asked.
– Yes.
He wore an hour probably.
– Well then jumped.
– I said, and we went down.
We went down to the car, I opened the gate and looked at the place where there was a flower bed.
– Yes.
Both came and went.
– I thought out loud.
When I closed the gate I sat back, I asked Mitka: – Well, where to go first? – To Moscow, of course.
And you? – Yes, I think Mit, maybe first we get to Mishkin village? Here, on the strength of twenty kilometers.
Maybe there? – I don’t know Yang.
I’m surely recorded the address, – Mitka took out a notebook.
But it seems to me that there they will not turn up at this time.
Most likely they are in the house, at the entrance not far from the market, or pulled to the station.
– Here is your mother, but this is not enough.
It is now midnight will dodge.
– And what can I do? – said Mitka.
I wonder, it would not have happened.
– Spit a fool! – I shouted at him.
I’ll kill you if anything happens! – Why does it immediately me ?! – smiled Mitya.
– And who missed them? Who is sitting and croaking now? – I said.
– Okay.
We’ll see,.
Let’s go shorter to the market.
Although it is now closed, but they can spin there.
– said Mitya.
– Well, you see a grasshopper, to the market so to the market.
Now we’ll just get into the city, we’ll have to fill up.

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After a while, when we were already in the city, I drove to the gas station.
Three guys, from somewhere in the bushes, rushed to the car.

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Stopping at the 95th, I took a purse, and got out.
Around the car boys were spinning.
Two of them began to push, and swear among themselves, who will refuel.
– First! – I shouted one, calling the number of the column.
I went to the checkout, ordered 50 liters, column number, and paying off went to the car.
One of the guys poured gasoline, and two sat on a box for sand, located between the columns.
Going to the one that was flooded, I took out a fifty dollars, and handed it to him.
Having made round eyes, he first looked at me, and then with his free hand took the money, and asked: – Do you want to wipe the glass with you again? – Do not wipe anything.
– I answered, and went to the car.
When the column stopped, I started the engine, and looking in the mirror that the boy closed the tank and the door, went to the road.
– I noticed how the second one, well, who was sitting on the sand, looks like Mishka? – said Mitya, when we got up at a traffic light.
– Hear the grasshopper.
– I looked at him.
Dont spoil spirit.
Okay? Mitya smiled at me, and including the radio, he said: “You see, you are still worried anyway.”
And they said well in FIG! – Mit.
I am by nature like that.
I just have only one thing spinning in my head.
How he is there, and if only nothing would happen, ”I said.
But on the head I give them one hell for tricks.
On a fig it was necessary to get out in general somewhere? – He freaked out Yanchik! Do you understand? You’re crazy? Mitka clicked a click on the neck.
And he is his own way.
Now think what and how.
– Yeah.
Not a gift.
It would be better if they had gotten out of sorrow, like me, and stayed at home.
– I laughed.
– This is not enough! – strictly looked at me Mitya.
You alone are enough for me! – Oh oh oh! What we are right! – I laughed again.
Not a gram in the mouth, not a centimeter in the ass! – I’m right now! – Mitka hit me on the shoulder.
– Stop the blacksmith! And then I’ll throw you on the road! – I answered him.
– Well, I’ll arrange you! Here we are just coming home! – laughed Mitka.
– If we come.
– I grunted.
And then all night in the search will have to play.
When we arrived at the market, and drove up to the central entrance, I told Mitya: – And it is already closed, Mitya, how to be? – Yes, I know that is closed.
And for a long time.
Now almost ten already, and he is up to seven.
Well, do not be afraid.
By car, of course they will not let me go, well, and peshochkom walk, I will agree.
– And where does the hole in the garbage? – I asked parking.
– Well, they prolazyt there, if you bypass the market along the fence. Starletkassidy cam sex shows.

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