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Johnny obeyed silently.
He lowered his eyes.
Johnny could not realize that he had become free.
He constantly felt like a captive to the captain.
The pirates died down when they realized that Harry’s fate awaits everyone who dares to raise his hand to the captain.
Half a year has passed.
The captain plowed the seas, swam more than one thousand miles.
John was getting prettier.
The sea and excellent food did their job.
The guy became one to one looks like a captain.
On the ship grumbled: – This is his son, let the devil of the sea devour me, if this is not his son! But Johnny was not as harsh, stern and cruel as the captain.
He lived in the gentle nature of the mother of the captain, her kindness and humility.
And the captain melted and melted at the sight of Johnny.
He was worried: if he was fed up, he was not cold, if anyone had offended him.
He was ready to give anyone the guts to be eaten by sharks, for his beloved Johnny.
One night, when the captain was asleep, Johnny, who was lying nearby, was looking at the captain, peering into every line of his face: “Everyone says that I am his son,” he thought, but he is not my father.

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Why are we so similar to each other? “The captain, as befits the old sea wolf, woke up from sleep, feeling Johnny’s gaze.
“Sleep, baby,” said the captain, hugging Johnny.
– Sleep! You are my! Never mind, do not torture yourself! Johnny was shocked that the captain even in a dream reads his thoughts.
In the morning they moored to the shore.
Not far was his father’s house, Johnny.
Some half day go.
And the horse is even faster, – you can board it in an hour.
Johnny had a longing in his eyes.
He looked at the shore and grieved.
The captain saw it all, but was silent.
He tried to entertain the guy in any way, if only he would not suffer at home.
But the captain could no longer tolerate this melancholy, depressing gaze of his beloved Johnny.
Towards evening, he ordered Johnny to go ashore with him.
The ship was on the roadstead, and after 15 minutes the boat stuck its nose on the shore.
– Johnny, my dear boy! – The captain, with his head down, continued with a trembling voice.
– I had a dream to make you captain of our ship.
I am rich, I have a lot of gold buried on one of the uninhabited islands, it will be all yours – I do not need it.
Here is a map of the place where gold is buried, hold on.
But I can not hold you, because I see how you long for your native home.
If I did not love you, I would

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not let go.
But I can not do that – you are too dear to me to go against your nature and keep me close to me.
The captain went up to Johnny, hugged him tightly, kissed him for a long, long kiss, turned away sharply, sat down in the boat and swam away.
John stood, looked after the floating boat. Sister sex hidden camera.

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