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We walked for 3 hours, after which Vera, as it were, remembered that it was time to wrap up and took me home.
At home we were met by her daughter Masha, a small, brisk girl of 3 years.
Vera gave me coffee, made me a bed and went to put my daughter to bed.
I took a shower, slightly sipped my coffee from my glass and, undressed, lay down on the bed.
I fell asleep quickly and unnoticed.

I woke up because someone came into the room.
Opening his eyes, I saw Vera, who stood near the mirror.
She was wearing a long men’s shirt covering her figure.
She stood and admired herself.
Having rotated around the mirror for about a minute, she took off her T-shirt and appeared before my eyes in only her panties.
I pretended to sleep, and I myself admired her body: her hair falling on her shoulders, her breasts, with excited, gently pink nipples, her long slender legs.
After standing still for a while, she went to the side of my bed.
I diligently pretended to sleep.
She stopped beside me, leaned over and kissed my forehead.

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After making sure that I was not reacting, she was light around me and began to run her hand over my chest.
Then I felt her hand go up to my groin.
Another second and her hand slipped into my pants, and gentle fingers slightly squeezed the head of the penis.
I stiffened and opened my eyes slightly.
My eyes appeared Vera, lying next to me on the bed, caressing my penis with one hand, the second was in her panties, and she actively drove her there.
From her face it was clear that she really liked what she was doing.
And, oddly enough, I liked it too.
I felt that my dick was starting to strain, the blood pulsed in my veins.
Faith, it seemed, was on the verge of orgasm.
Her hand convulsively squeezed and caressed my cock, she increasingly breathed.
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