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Then Seryoga again increased the pace of intercourse and the Marinins’ moans became practically uninterrupted.
Then she somehow floridly screamed and her body began to contract in convulsions of an orgasm.
A couple of jerks and Seryoga finished himself, firmly clinging to his wife’s priest.
To be honest, I was amazed how deeply Serega penetrated his wife’s ass.
I managed, probably, only half, and even then I had to act carefully and gently.
The wife received orgasms from anal sex, but quite rarely.
And then the frank hammering of the anus, and even to the depth of Stakhanov: In general, I decided to find out from Seregi how he does it.
In the meantime, I took an excited wife to our room and gave her a sexual revolution in a single bed.
As the case turned up, I confessed to Serege that I was looking at them and that I was struck by his abilities in the area of ??anal penetration.
In response, he showed me a tube with anal lubrication.
He said that he had been looking for such a means for a very long time, so that he anesthetized completely and at the same time warmed up.
Marinka at first did not like anal stretching much and tried to wriggle out of such contact.
When this tool was acquired along with the anal plug, the situation in their family began to change.
Making sure that she did not hurt, Marinka began to allow herself to stretch with a cork, and then a member.
Anal contacts have become more frequent, and penetration is deeper.
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