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Lenka blonde blonde.
With thin black eyebrows and blue, like the ocean beautiful eyes.
All in her mother, forty-five years old Irina.
Also blonde.
She was still very young when her parents were in this America in Miami.
She grew up here in America.
But Viktor, for some reason, is bad, he remembered it in a fog.
As if watching it from the side.
He remembered somewhere deep in the memory of his arrival here.
And which, to this day it seemed to him, was not at all.
He only remembered Miami and that he was already a billionaire.
But the whole past was somehow not quite natural to him.
But he remembered him, just as the birth of his daughter was still there, in his country, which was destroyed by perestroika.
And he looked himself enchanted by his daughter Lenka.
In this bright hot sun.
And it was clear that her blue eyes, slightly narrowed from the bright sun, were burning.
And there was a slight smile on her plump little lips.
– They, too, can not – said Lenka – They have there, like you, their female troubles.
Between women.
– I would love to, daughter, but not now – said her father Victor – A little later, is it? – Well, daddy, is coming – said Lenka.
And, going down on the deck itself, walked past them.
Wagging his tanned hips, and looking, somewhere in the direction of the islands and soaring above the waves of gulls and albatrosses.
Jackson Brand’s daughter ran past.
Naked, in one, too, bikini swimsuit.
Cutting away from happiness, and slapping Lenka on the convex wide girlish ass with her hand, jumped into the water. Sex sex sex live.

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