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This part of the recording surprised me the most.
It turns out that even if I had inserted, when he asked, fingers in the ass for himself, he would still find out what to apply this punishment to me.
Because the main purpose of the execution was that I could not even think to move my legs apart in front of someone else, from now on I could only expose myself for fucking to him and those whom he would point out.
Noticing my surprise, he leaned over to me, lifted my face behind my chin to see my eyes and uttered in that very quiet voice, which made me shiver: – Now you are my thing.
And so far, a favorite toy.
– he patted my cheek.
– Read on.
Comments bent me in every way.
Most of the men and women who left the comments expressed the same opinion: the damn woman chose to be fucked.
If the damn on her way met only vanilla boys, this does not mean that by offering herself in the club’s toilet, she can count on self-respect as an individual.
And what really surprised me and forced me to involuntarily squeeze the anus (which, of course, led to the attack of pain) is the number of comments containing applications for renting me, and indicating the dates and times when they are ready to call me.
A questionnaire was attached to the post.
It was told that during the punishment I got dirty and dirty my Lord’s house.

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Other visitors were asked to vote for the most appropriate way to punish the guilty whore.
As a result of the vote, I was waiting for a golden shower from everyone who wanted to participate.
But that’s another story.
Two guys behind her immediately wrapped

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around her sides.
Hush, hush guys.
Grandmas forward – gently removed their hands a prostitute.
Two thousandth bills were thrown on her knees.
Suck, – the driver lowered his pants, slid down a little and started off.
The girl crawled under his hands and wrapped her lips around her cock.
Immediately, her ass was wrapped around two pairs of hands and hastily lifted up her skirt and pulled off white panties.
Pulling her ass back, she unceremoniously entered.
Do you give in the ass? – on the anus of a prostitute lay someone’s finger.
I give, – blurted out the girl, looking up for a second from a member.
Immediately in her ass penetrated thumb.
Come here, – the girl was pulled out of the pants of the driver and put facing the other member, – now work here.
Cock in her vagina out and attached to the anus.
Slightly pushing, the guy entered the prostitute from behind at once at full length.
The girl sighed loudly, enduring the pain, and again took up the member of another passenger.
The driver slowly steered on some rough road and soon stopped.
The prostitute was taken out of the car and put on all fours.
They put a dick on her face, which had just been in her ass, grimacing, she swallowed her head and hurriedly licked it.
Going further and further, she licked the guy’s trunk from her own excrement.
At this time, another member joined her ass and also aggressively, not caring at all about the girl, entered to its full length.
The girl sobbed, but continued to lick the first member.
The driver, who was looking for something in the trunk, finally closed it and headed for the copulating group. Sex lives web cams.

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