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Sex in the office hidden cam. She blinked in surprise.
– First of all, you must completely trust me, and remember that everything that we will do is for you.
What do you want this.
Promise? Do you promise ?! – Yes.
Silently, looking with big blue eyes in my eyes, she said.
– Stand up and walk in the middle of the room, stand in front of me.

She rose from the couch, and stood in front of me a few meters away, smiling at me.
– Take off your pants and blouse.
– What? She blushed, thinking that I specifically started all this.
“Ella, remember what we said.”
She slowly, still not understanding, took off her blouse and pants.
– Now stand exactly, put your hands down.
Ella pleased me with beautiful black panties, stuck in a round, muscular ass, and the same color with her bra, supporting the elastic hemispheres of the breasts from below.
She was slim, dark strands of hair, an oval, pale face, thin red lips, large, rounded eyes, long eyelashes.
Rounded shoulders, elastic, round chest, long, thin hands, thin waist, flat stomach.
Long legs, thin in the palms.

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She was wearing lacquered black shoes on a small heel, which gave her an additional charm.
– In the hallway, in a raincoat, a gift for you.
Bring it.
Ella retreated, pounded heels.
– This?! – she stretched to me a wide leather brand new belt rolled up in a ball.
Fear and surprise danced in her eyes.
– Yes.
– I said in a calm voice, removing her hand.
Now stand in the middle of the room, remember what we said.
Straighten up
Heels together, shoulders back.
Hands bend in elbows.
Fold the belt in half and hold it on your outstretched palms.
And calm down.
I’ll wait.
After a couple of minutes, I demanded to remove the bra.
Freed breasts pointed to the sky with protruding nipples.
– Come to the sofa.
– Put the belt.
– Get down on your knees.
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