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Volodya could not wait; He approached Dasha and said: “You did not just agree to come here like that.”
And he began to stroke the girl’s chest – right over the swimsuit.
– And what we will do.
not together ?.
– Dasha was embarrassed to pronounce the phrase “group sex”.
Volodya has already exposed her breasts and caressed her nipples: – Well, if you want – we can together, we can and three.
Everything you want in this house !.
The boy’s petting has already aroused the girl – she moaned slightly and her hands touched the boy’s hips: – I immediately liked your ass.
So sexy !.
And so tender.
– Her fingers penetrated under the fabric of the boy’s swimming trunks and stroked Volodya’s cool, smooth skin.
The boy himself was already sucking Dasha’s breast, never ceasing to squeeze this breast with both hands.
The boy’s cock was already tensed and rushed out; Dasha took it out of the bottoms and began to masturbate.
When Volodya’s member got up, the boy said: – Lie down on the sofa.
Dasha could not hide her amazement: – Well, you give !.
She looked at me: – What kind of child prodigy did I get? – Now you know! – I laughed.
– This wunderkind will fuck you so that you don’t want to stop! Volodya meanwhile jerked off a member, sitting on the couch.
A member of it stood a thick club that could not but seduce any girl; and when Dasha sat down next to him, the boy knelt down and brought it to the girl’s mouth: “Go ahead, suck!” Dasha began to do Volodya blowjob; He enjoyed it for several minutes, but then suddenly took him out of the girl’s mouth, threw her on the bed and pulled Dasha out of her head: “You haven’t been fucked yet, sun! I think you’ll like it! – and with these words, he thrust his dash into Dasha’s vagina and immediately moved with such force and speed that Dasha screamed loudly.
– Oh my God!.
It’s just awesome!
Come on, fuck.
fuck me !.
Volodya with all his strength fucked a girl; Dasha’s slim figure was shaking all over, huge breasts swaying.

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The girl clearly did not expect that this little thin boy could work like a member like that.
– I have never been fucked children.
she moaned.
– I thought it was impossible.
I, sitting on a nearby couch, entered into a conversation: “Volodya is not an ordinary boy.”
He can something that even adult men cannot.
You will be convinced of it now! The boy continued to fuck Dasha at a breakneck pace.
When he decided to change his position, the girl was already all wet – her vagina was running out of excitement from excitement.
The boy took out his penis, grabbed Dasha in his hair and with the words “come on, I fucked you in the mouth” began methodically to fuck the girl for both cheeks.
Dasha, completely stunned, was in seventh heaven – not every day because you have great sex with a young, slim, sexy boy! –

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Come on, join in! – looking at me, nodded at Dasha Volodya.
And turned to Dasha.
– You do not mind to fuck you two great members? Especially those like my brother.
I climbed onto the couch and started popping my dick in Dasha’s mouth too.
The member quickly tensed, and Dasha looked with delight at the thirty-centimeter cudgel moving behind her cheek.
Volodya and I were having a hard time fucking her in the mouth at the same time, but we tried our best.
Dasha made deaf moans of pleasure, we continued to fuck her in the mouth, and Volodya also masturbated in her vagina.
– Let me jerk off to you? – Volodya said hard, actively working his hips.
– Finish her nipples.
– No, let’s finish later.
– I replied.
– To begin, let’s fuck Dasha properly! And then we finish together.
– Come on! – the boy agreed.
– I love to cum with you.
The girl was completely stunned by our conversations – this was evident from her extended eyes.
But Volodya’s behavior amazed her most of all: she had never in her life seen a boy not only possessing incredible genitals, but also experienced sex.
I sat on the edge of the bed and, jerking my dick, with an eager gaze, watched Volodya fuck Dasha.
His narrow hips elegantly moved back and forth, pushing a hard member into the girl.
The boy’s fingers squeezed her beautiful bosom.
– You have great eggs! – Dasha said through moans, looking between my legs.
– So beautiful and huge! I stroked my scrotum and asked in response: – What about Volodya’s eggs? Volodya stopped the movement of the hips, took out the member and put the eggs directly to the girl’s mouth: – Lick them to me! he said in a low, firm voice.
She began to lick with pleasure.
For a couple of minutes, the boy enjoyed it, and then, imitating me, took the scrotum by the base and put Dasha’s eggs in his mouth.
– Didn’t you fuck you like that? – With a grin, he said, and began, as if a member, to move the eggs in her mouth. Sex gay thai model.

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