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In the room there was a very sonorous, but already familiar noise: a slap.
Ay – I – y, Veronica sobbed.
I raised my right hand up, and again struck her ass with a palm.
Oh – oh.
about – and.
I already apologized, said Veronica.
With a wave of my hand, I once again slapped her on the pope, which was getting redder from the blows it received.
Touching the ass, I said: – Well, tell me the truth.
But I can change your punishment, and so flog you that it will not seem a little, Oleg said.
Of course, with all my anger at her, in any case I was not going to severely punish her.
I just scared my Veronica this way, letting her know that I was not joking.
Especially since she now was not the most enviable position.
After I again turned to her: – I am waiting.
I already told you the truth, answered Veronica.
And in such a trembling voice.
And generally somehow false.
All waited, said Oleg.
Holding the back of Veronica with your elbow and holding the belt out of your pants.
I felt that she was very scared of such a turn of events.
Shivering harder with all your body.
Realizing that now I will start the future whipping with a belt on her defenseless priest.
Releasing the belt, and folding it in half, I took it in my right hand, and I thought.
Is it really necessary to beat her with a belt?

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Of course, I do not want to expose Veronichka to such a test.
Especially since this was not part of my plans.
Only slapping hand on the pope.
Moreover, for her, and so enough that she had to experience.
Although if I don’t hit the belt on the pope now, she will understand that I was just scaring her.
And what I can not do in reality.
Well, let’s get started.
Having swung a belt in the air, he whistled down at Veronica’s ass, which was already spanked, and had a red color.
Clicking on the skin, he left a much more pronounced mark on it than from a slap made by hand.
Veronica whined, pressing her body against me, publishing: – a – a – a – ay – nd th.
Then she sniffed, and sighed heavily, burst into tears.
It was obvious that Veronica could not tolerate spanking at all.

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She burst into tears like a little child.
She is simply not fit for her.
Another option is possible.
She cheated, she showed with all her appearance that she could not be beaten with a belt, and it was time to stop such actions.
Well, a couple of times you still get exactly.
Lifting the strap in the air, he started whistling down over the booty.
Veronica, realizing that now she would have to feel the pain of clicking the belt again, she shrank all over and seemed to be frozen before a future blow, waiting for him.
Hlestanuv on the ass, he left on her another new mark, formed across the buttocks.
I’m not boo anymore.
Sobbing nose, said Veronica.
I did not answer, but just waved the belt over the poor booty.
Hearing the whistle, Veronica cried out: – Do not.
Not wanting to endure anymore, she began to kick, and with incredible efforts she freed herself outside.
Kneeling on the floor, she hurt herself.
And from the resulting pain, and from all that she had to endure, she wept.
I felt very sorry for Veronica. Rt bongacams.

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