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Olga was not in their house.
– How do you? – asked Igor.
– Tired – honestly admitted Irina – did you know where they were taking me? – Yes.
Liked? – Highly.
This is just insane.

– Go, take a bath and sleep.
– water before bedtime? – Of course – Igor smiled.
Irina smiled in response.
Olga was right, she really was delighted.
This cow.
And a happy woman.
All thoughts and wishes are still on Thank you for all the feedback and your emotions.
Nice to write for you.
Your Lime.

Everything turned out, of course, not as dreamed.
The result exceeded my expectations, but the process was surprised.
I did not return to the topic of sex three more, but this dream continued to excite me, and its impracticability made me feel unsatisfied.
Not physically – sensually.
As usual, after a major quarrel, and this was in the first place in the rating of our family quarrels, reconciliation was stormy and passionate.
All the time when my husband did not fuck me, he somehow caressed me, so that I did not have time to cool down.
Even during his forced absence, during working hours, he called and entertained me on the phone with sexual conversations, during which I masturbated.

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He put the phone down, only making sure that I had finished.
He always showed up for lunch, but he didn’t have time to eat, and I had to come to work with him a couple of times a day, distracting me from work.
I dressed up in a business-like strict clothes of a chaste lady, but I ignored my underwear, because I saw his eyes light up when he watched me get out of a taxi or walk down the street towards the office.
When, before reaching his office, I met familiar employees and stopped to greet and spread a few words of politeness, he was visibly nervous, and I, teasing, pulling the skirt, lifting its edge.
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