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Red hear cam nude. “Merin,” the author of the toast replied calmly.
The officers smiled, meaningfully winked, and the blonde stared in surprise at the author of the toast: “And who is this gelding?” – her look was full of extreme curiosity.
– gelding? Uh uh
How would you explain it more clearly.
By the way.
And you yourself, what do you think? “In my opinion, this is just an old horse,” the blonde confidently explained.
– Uh-uh.
You are mistaken, about the most worthy of women! Gelding, this.
However, according to your logic, for example, what category of “horses” do I belong to? – Horse, I guess.
– smiled slyly blonde.
– Exactly.
Or rather – the breeding stallion, mustang – the conqueror of the most beautiful and obstinate mares.
The participants splashed into fists, as the latter-day “Mustang” was known as a desperate womanizer who has the most powerful “device” among all the men in the village.
– Well, what about gelding? – the blonde was not appeased.

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“It’s rather your husband, dear,” the Mustang modestly lowered.
At the table they laughed together, because everyone except the blonde knew that her husband, the commander of one of the small anti-submarine ships, had long been called “gelding” in the officer’s circle for his dystrophic appearance and, for sure, the “cloud in his pants”.
But the way it paraded everyone the lover of this cuckold’s wife, became witnesses only now.
Edward Zaitsev.
Another story about exit corporate.
Was it really, whether it was invented – it’s up to you, the reader.
The trip was conceived and organized in advance.
But no one, of course, could have imagined that such a situation would develop.
The administration of the boarding house “overplayed” the number of rooms and beds in them, allocated to the Russian Traditions company’s team, famous for its achievements.

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Isn’t it a talking title? It is completely because in the Russian traditions nai.
o customer, and then say that he himself is to blame.
But this time we can say that the pension nai.
al vacationers from the “Russian traditions”.
In short, the rooms and beds were allocated so that Van and Tan (the youngest, but zealous of the managers of the company) fell to live together in a double room.
The rest of the friendly team members quickly cooperated, occupying three- and four-bed rooms according to the principle: only single-sex lodging in large rooms.
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