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Linen trousers with panties (then tight briefs) flew to the side.
The uneven, lumpy trunk of the penis was excited to such an extent that it looked even bigger than usual.
I saw him

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like this for the first time.
Two pairs of intoxicating girlish eyes gazed at him with genuine delight, as if under hypnosis.
With an important look printed out a condom.
Finally, he pulled the “cap” of the foreskin from the half-naked, wet head.
An experienced hand rolled “gum” on the penile numb from the strain.
He immediately took the optimal position for a protracted “siege”, hanging on bent legs, above Lizka’s obscenely protruding ass.
He aimed, inserted the swollen head into the “cave, which was sunk to the brim”, and sedately squeezed the trunk of the penis into a cozy, rather close, vagina of an ex-classmate.
At the same time, I almost finished off over-excitation, in the very first moments of the dive.
But he managed to get distracted on time on a neutral topic, stand still, and prevent the emerging shame.
As soon as the approaching wave of orgasm subsided, continued what was begun, and plunged his “rapier” into defenseless flesh to the very “handle”.
The hostess of the defenseless flesh exhaled with relief, and impatiently squirmed beneath me, getting used to the new sensations of fullness.
With the next movement I leaned back, leaving only one head inside.
He took his hands more comfortable for the elastic berries, and stretched them wider.

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To Vika, who was behind us, all the details were clearly visible.
And only now, already much sharper and tougher, he drove the most important muscle of his body into the juicy brunette’s pussy.
Lisa started, gasping slightly.
She buried her face in the sofa, and spread her arms to the side.
It was clear that she liked the position of the “game” impaled on the “spit”.
I was pleased with this development of events, and I began to hammer my “svayu” into it from the bottom of my heart (I apologize for the pun).
Stubbornly, persistently, without any relaxation.
Outwardly, Lisa was surprisingly calm.
Without a hint of emotionality.
But the physiological signs of arousal girls were not just pronounced.
They were crying! From the vagina almost streamed lubricant.
I actually saw for the first time that there was so much of it that it literally ran down the legs.
“Girlish juice” was absorbed into elegant stockings, which slipped almost to the panties, from the constant friction of the knees with the floor.
By the inertia transmitted to her by my body, Lisa soullessly swayed to the beat of my frictions like a pendulum.
Forward – backward, forward – backward.
Unless, she shuddered periodically, as if she was going to finish.
And every time I was deceiving my expectations, forcing me to continue hammering her even more intensively.
But the expectations that I did not expect at all came true (I apologize again for another pun).
From behind my back I heard a stifled, intermittent moan of moaning Victoria, which apparently brought herself to orgasm.
She tried to behave as quietly as possible, but she got it, pretty lousy.
I did not see, but I clearly heard her rushing in the chair, breathing deeply and often inhaling – exhaling.
It lasted about ten seconds, and soon it was all over.
The groans stopped, the girl fell silent.
Then I heard a splash of cola pouring into a glass.
Vika was disturbing herself with a new batch of cocktail.
In the meantime, I had great difficulty controlling my orgasm.
Pauses, between enhanced frictions, became longer.
Each time I needed more and more time to delay the final. Real lesbian cam.

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