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Read hot sex stories online.
Here, my girls, quite cheered up.
They put themselves on a champagne glass of wine, and drank to brotherhood, embraced and merged into a sweet kiss.
After such stress, alcohol hit my head and the eyelids closed themselves.
I do not know how long it lasted, but when I opened my eyes, I did not immediately understand where I was and what happened to me.
And so the fun began.
I am lying on a huge bed, completely naked, my hands are separated to the sides and tied to the headboard, two large pillows are planted under the ass, my legs are spread apart and are also tied with some kind of ribbons.
I hear An asking Laziness.
– How are we gonna fuck him? My first desire was outraged, so arrogant.
But it is clear that a sedative pill acted on me, and the alcohol also affected me.
To be honest, I had such a cool state, and I did not want to spoil it.
In my heart, all the time there was a struggle, I, as if in my soul, justified myself.
– Like, I’m not at all in business here.
And in such a helpless state, I probably will be raped, and I, as they say, only a member, I can move.
In the meantime, preparations for my “fuck” were in full swing.
Liliputki quickly undressed.
When I saw their chiseled bodies, I immediately began to rise my mustang.
– Look, one of them says, he is already getting up, let’s get down to business.
An sit on my stomach, my back to me, takes my dick in my hand and presses it to my stomach.
And Laziness to sit on the thighs, opposite her, closer to the groin.
My dick was caught between two hot bodies.
They embraced and hugged each other even more tightly, and I felt how my cock pressed against both navels, and the base of the penis was embraced by two pischiki.

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From such sensations, my dick excited in three seconds, and like a wild Mustang reared.
And they merged into a sweet kiss, and began to rise and fall in sync, in one word to excite me, and myself too.
Such a buzz, I have not experienced.
My dick was already buzzing, the head has become burgundy, like that of a little pig.
It lasted about five minutes, as soon as they began to flow, and this was immediately apparent in my groin, it was already all wet and sticky.
Then Laziness lay between my legs, head to my penis, and An began to sit down on my penis.
Or rather, it was like that.
Anh seemed to hang over my dick, and Laziness led my dick to an unopened bud.
Then Anh crouched lightly, but, not there it was, the member bent and could not enter this narrow hole.
Then Anh stretched out her bud with her hands, and Laziness helped her to insert my penis with her hand.
At first I was hurt, because when they pressed on him from the top, he could not enter immediately and arched himself.
But thanks to the efforts of the two girls, the head gradually began to hide in this lovely hole.
The member straightened up, and the pain immediately went away, and An slowly, everything sat down and sat down.
Then Anh sat down sharply, the member flew into half and immediately rested against something warm and soft, I groaned, and An screamed and froze.
Laziness, she asks.
-What planted, huh? – Well, how it hurts? Anh responds.
– Quiet, I caught such a buzz that now in the “fly away”.
– You hurry, or our birthday girl will inadvertently wake up, and then again we will be in the wings.
– And we have planned so many experiments !!!! And then An, jumped on me, like on a trampoline, in my trunk began to flow trickles of grease.
And Laziness did not waste time in vain, she dived right under my balls, and began to lick them, because they were all covered with An secretions.
From such a buzz, Laziness, so flowed that it could not, nothing to do with it.
– Quickly give way, otherwise I will die, says Laziness

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– And what do I say An, – I have not quite finished yet.
– And you quickly jump on his face, and let him fuck you up with his tongue.
– And if he does not want me to fuck my tongue? – Then whisper in his ear that he will not receive the video tape, and then he will do for you, whatever you want, and even more. Read hot sex stories online.

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