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Then she took my fingers from the clitoris and tried to shove them into the vagina.
It was inconvenient, so I threw my hand over my wife’s hip and penetrated my fingers from the side.
Finger movements, I began to imitate a member in the vagina.
At that moment I noticed that the door to the room was slightly ajar (I closed it, I remember) and in the opening, Seregi and Marinka’s eyes glitter.
Blood struck in the head and I decided to improve their review.
The curtains were not drawn and the light of street lamps freely penetrated into the room, the scene on our bed was like a palm.
I grabbed my wife’s leg with my hand and lifted her up.
Now the zone of my penetration of the wife was for the audience at a glance.
Now I was actively pushing my hips and my wife’s pussy suddenly began to squish.
Supporting my wife’s battened leg with my leg, I reached into the vagina with my fingers and began to move them.
At the same time, I began to whisper to my wife in my ear that it was Serega who was fucking her with his dick.
My fantasy suddenly had an explosive effect.
The wife began to moan loudly and was clearly preparing to fly away with her orgasm.
I tried to shove my fingers into the vagina deeper and my wife began to squeeze my fingers and penis with my muscles.
Here, I sold in full.
Holding my beloved body tight in my hands, I began to jerk my hips frantically, pushing my wife’s ass on my dick.
When I glanced at the door, I was surprised to see that the second couple was also fucking.
The door opened by almost half and now I saw Marina’s head twitching, her covered eyes and dangling breasts. Pron sex online video.

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