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Tanya was lying relaxed on her back in a posture “rest after intercourse” and was watching Leshka.
Now between his legs there was not a stake, but the same wiener she had seen in Ravil.
She did not receive any pleasure, she simply performed the duty of a citizen of the State, Legionerca, a member of the Racial Purity squad.
After returning home, I decided to talk with my old pen pals, with whom I have been in the Agent for a long time.
I always go to the Agent to get my spirits up when it is not in the best condition.
I went in and stole that online my old friend Sashka from Moscow, with whom we have been friends for a long time, and who really knows how to amuse me.
Sasha is 19 years old and he is a student of the 2nd part of Mekhmat MSU, who has only one school friend and I, and never had a girlfriend.
I knew all the secrets of Sashkin: about porn, about masturbation, about perversion, about my mother’s tights at night in the bathroom, about the fact that he, while his parents are not at home, used to fuck himself with a cream and so on.
I wanted to blackmail him and to prank him a tidy sum for silence, but I was so sincere, so trusting, so good that I could not and became his friend, promising that everything I know would be our little secret with him.
“Sasha, hello” “Hello))) Where did you disappear? I’m so glad to see you! ”“ Did you miss me? ”“ Yes, very much ”“ How is Kostya? ”“ Yes, ok.

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Now went for a walk “” Mmm.
“” Sasha! I wanted to ask you something, is it possible? ”“ Of course ”“ In general, it seems to me that you are not like everyone else.
Sash, thought a lot and realized that you are gay. ”There was a minute pause,“ Why are you silent? Tell me how it is.
Did I say

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that right? ”“ Can I not answer? ”“ Well, speak quickly, bitches! And now I’ll talk to your father and pour out the whole truth to him about you !!! “” Yes, this is true !!! Don’t! ”“ Here! That’s the same thing! Okay, Sasha, calm down, I was joking)))) Of course, I will not tell anyone about your secrets.
“” Tense?)))) “Yes !!!” “Haha))) You know how to put on mom’s tights! So you still love boys, right? ”“ Yes.
Only it is between us, I beg you! ”“ Sasha, calm down, I’m not stupid! I know that your father will do it for you.
No one will know anything! “” Ok.
do you promise? “” I promise! Is there anyone in mind? ”“ Well, then. ”“ Mmmm.
that’s it! mean eat? And who is this? “” Can we not discuss it? “” It is impossible! say “” Well, please, let’s not.
“” I’m waiting, Sasha! And my patience does not last forever) “” Well, this is my friend “” Kostya ??? “” yes “” This is the alignment.
Does he know about it? ”“ No, of course !!! He is not gay at all !!! If he finds out, then everything !!! do you understand ??? “” Quiet, calm down.
Tell me one thing, do you love him? ”There was a pause.
“Do not be silent! Do you love him?! “” Why do you need? “” It is necessary.
I want to help you! “” You will not help me.
“” Answer me the question !!! “” Yes, I love him! But it does not matter, because he knows nothing.
“” And how are you friends? Do you have any male conversations? ”“ Well, I just support him in everything ”“ Do you want you to be together? Pornstar webcam videos.

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