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Before the onset of orgasm, it remained only to twist

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clockwise and.
That is what my missus did.
– Ahhh, what a class !!! Karinaaa (namely, that is the name of my girlfriend) I finish !!! – Hush-hush, let me take horseradish to the side.
But it was too late.
The seed has already sprinkled and hit the boots.
But what to say, I namashmachil so much that even a little in his mouth fell.
– Well, you and brute.
– She said spitting.
It ruined the impression of our sex.
– Hey, where are you soaping? – I turned to her.
Karina has already climbed over the side of the bath.
– I’m talking to you.
I grabbed my naughty priestess to make it clear who’s boss.
_ Now my turn to fight you! – I said, and I instantly got up.
Only I pulled Karina’s face to my groin, as she twisted and grabbed my balls by the pain.
Those shouted, ached.
I could not utter the words, not singing in falsetto.
She kept me so min 5-10.
Then she let me go all the same, but she sternly shook her finger, saying, don’t indulge, otherwise the next time you will get the eggs.
I did not argue, just touched my blue nuts.
Nothing, I think, I’ll pay you back, I will not be good.
If you like the story, then write in the comments and in a personal.
I will answer all, no one will be left without attention.
This story happened last fall.
My acquaintance, with whom we studied at a school a couple of years ago, invited me for his birthday.
Besides me there were 4 more guys, and 4-5 girls.
But the talk in my story will be about the party owner, Dima, the girl Yulia, who was nice to Dima and about me – Maxiks.
The party began as usual – table, booze, chatter.
Closer to 3-4 nights, gradually, one by one, they began to disperse in search of a place to sleep at night, including me.
In one room the sofa was already occupied, there was a 4-5 person on it.

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I went to another room, there was almost an empty bed (except for the fact that Dima was lying on it, who drank quite well, next to Yulia), and without thinking twice I lay down next to Julia (since there was nowhere else to sleep).
I lay there for a long time, I could not fall asleep, and suddenly I realized that Dima was gone, and only Julia and I were left in the room.
Without thinking twice, I hugged Julia, expecting any reaction from her (since I saw her the first or the second time), but she did not react at all, and lay with her eyes closed, in a light half-sleep (she answered my questions).
No wonder they say that arrogance – the second happiness.
Seeing that she did not forbid me to hug her, I went on – slowly put my hand under her blouse, stroked his stomach and rose to his chest.
Having washed her through her bra, I was not satisfied with this, but took off my blouse from Julia, and since she was lying on her back, and it was difficult to get to the buckles, I just picked up and lifted the bra above.
White breasts popped out of it, with dark halos around the nipples.
Having caressed my breasts with my hands, I started kissing them, grabbing the nipple with my lips, and tickling his tongue, and my hand at this time, trying to penetrate the panties.
But either in spite and toli, by fatal coincidence of circumstances, the trousers, dressed in Yulia, fitted her quite tightly, and I could not reach out with my hand to my innermost place.
Then I tried to take off her pants, but because of the excitement that gripped me, I could not unbutton them.
After ten minutes of suffering, I realized that the whole thing is that the button on the pants is a sham, and they are fastened on the sides, with a zipper.
Finally, only her openwork panties remained on her, and the bra, which did not close the chest.
Through the fabric of the panties, I ran along her lips, she was as excited as I was.
And I was just shaking from excitement, after a 10-minute fight with pants, and I literally tore up her panties.
I saw a triangle of short, light curly hair, and a gorgeous pussy, glistening with the juice of lust.
Without thinking twice, I lay down on top, and now, at the most interesting moment, the door opens, Dima stands on the threshold, looks at us in surprise, obviously not understanding, and asks.
– And what is this happening? It ends with the fact that I get up and go to the kitchen, Dima goes to bed with Julia, while he falls asleep (went over alcohol), and Julia quietly sneaks out of the room, and we go with her to the bathroom, where we spent the rest of the night caressing each other. Nude boy webcam.

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