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I tried to lie still.
Finally, Pasha, with trembling fingers, touched my pussy, slid over my pubis, touched my genital slit, and began to stroke the petals of the genital lips.
He put his whole hand very carefully between my legs and squeezed my vulva.
I liked it so much! And then Pasha slightly raised my leg, bent it in the knee, took the other one to the side, opening my pussy.
Then he stuck his head and began to lick my bit.

Goosebumps ran over my body.
I was so pleased! If only my Misha did not wake up and saw this picture: a plump teenager touches his girlfriend for intimate places and licks her pussy.
I wanted the entire carriage to sleep, and Pasha would continue to lick at me, and thrust my young fingers trembling with passion into me.
His tongue pleasantly tickled me from below, and his breath burned.
There was noise again.
Pasha jumped up, but – managed to pull the sheet on me, covering my pussy.
In one motion he fluttered to his shelf and pretended to be asleep.
Just warmed me up.
What should I do now?

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I can not lie in a full car and masturbate.
Very quietly, I carefully, imperceptibly, put on panties and tried to relieve the itch of my excited pussy.
In short, from excitement, I hardly slept.
2 day.
Sellers of newspapers, drinks and all sorts of nonsense appeared in the morning.
They snooped down the aisle to and fro, not giving rest.
Outside the window, the landscape changed, now it was mostly the steppes with rare forest islands, lonely villages.
We drove a small river.
I went to the toilet, washed.
Then she sat and painted for a long time – she suggested beauty.
They began to have breakfast, and then a nuisance happened: Misha hurried and spilled coffee on my shorts.
Krivoruky! What should I do now!? I began to rummage through things, but I had some shorts — those that were on me.
Nonton film sex online subtitle indonesia.

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