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It was impossible to say whether he liked it or not.
This happened so unexpectedly that all he had time to feel was a light tickling, sweat drops in his ass and chill, pointing down with an arrow.
He certainly did not feel disgust, but did not seek to repeat this feeling.
Fear of becoming a homosexual seemed to him primitive and worthy only of those who really had something to fear.
It was mid-August, the temperature on the thermometer at noon was over 35 ° C, and it was necessary to extract the “pleasant” from the unpleasant.
The half-office was on vacation, the other half, like frozen flies, came with some delay and unexpectedly disappeared somewhere shortly after lunch.
It seemed that to rest, swim and sunbathe on the beach, everyone left, not only here.
Partners, customers, even the director of the company from the head office, who never went anywhere and was known as a great miser and notorious workaholic, stopped responding to emails and calls personally, redirecting all incoming mail to their subordinates in advance.
Not that there were a lot of requests, business was standing, there was no business without people.

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And those who did not have time to jump out of business, with envy represented on the beach, in the bar-disco and on the nature of those who managed to escape from it.
At least for two weeks.
Someone had to support the business.
Someone had to check the reports on oil production and transportation, check the quality of work of all the connections of this harmoniously working mechanism and make the right decision in time to replace the worn-out part or repair it.
And this someone was he, Viktor Ivanovich Maslakov, director of the Moscow representative office of the company.
“Top-manager of the top management,” as his wife called him jokingly.
“Oil is oily,” he replied.
But still, the thought that he is not just a manager, but a top manager, warmed his soul.
And also the idea that, to put it in American terms, “every dog ??has its own day.”
And his day will come, and he will rest from this dog work.

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But not today.
Today, it is waiting for work until seven, the way home to a cooling down dusty city, jogging around the stadium, going to the store, having dinner in splendid isolation, TV and an hour, or maybe two trying to fall asleep in this stuffiness.
In this heat it seems that time stretches for ages, especially if you repeat the same thing day after day.
Strange, but, turning back, it seems that summer flew by instantly, but at this very moment, time has turned into this sticky, friable air.
Two weeks ago, his wife and child left for their parents and now called him every day, wondering how he was doing, what he ate, whether he missed the child, whether he wanted to come for the weekend. Masters of sex season 3 episode 11 watch online.

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