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She no longer smiled and did not squint slyly.
It was a completely different girl.
Such bursts have happened before, but friends rarely saw her like this, – Or will you do what I say now, or you fucked up! – Oh, what can you do? You might think!.
And the fact that you sucked – it’s not my fault that you are a cheap nipple! – Julia tried to grab Sasha by the shoulders and push away, but she immediately grabbed her with one hand and the second grabbed her hair and tilted it aside: – Listen, bitch , if you kick, I’ll mark you so much now that my dad won’t recognize you, do you understand everything? It is necessary to answer for the market – this is a card debt! And then I will not do anything, I have a dad cop! And I’ll beat you to the belly – dick you will give birth to sometime later, – Sasha squeezed it all out in a half-whisper, touching her lips to Yulino’s ear.
Having finished the sentence, she licked slightly and launched her tongue in Yulia’s ear.
Julia was greatly impressed by what she had said, she always wanted to be “cool”, but she remained essentially a mannered girl who hides behind her patron at the moment of danger.

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Her breath caught and her pupils dilated.
Sasha strangled her and continued to whisper something to her, but she no longer heard

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Only one thing turned in her head – she always knew that Sasha was not herself, but now she believed her every word.
And even though she did not appear to be strong, but on the contrary, feminine and even a bit fragile, Sasha felt such a force that was able to conquer and put anyone on her knees !.
At this moment, Julia dreamed of one thing – to do everything just to let her go.
Blood had already begun to flow into my head, and a bit of everything was clouding inside.
– Sasha, do not drive, do not touch her! – Zhenya and Oksana ran up to her friends, but did not dare to get involved, – What do you want from her at all? – I want to?.
, – Sasha always knew what she wanted, – You made me your slut, and now you will fuck me until I finish! – Julia’s eyes widened from what she heard, “Well? Did you think or did you vebat ?, – Yulia was completely broken.
It turned out that even this is enough to scare and break her.
She silently shook her head in agreement and Sasha let her go.
Julia sat down directly on the asphalt and hung her head down.
After sitting, she regained consciousness a bit, rational thoughts began to flow into her head and she completely “doped up” what they wanted from her.
Sashka abruptly raised Yulia and led, ironically, still in the same staircase.
She led her hand to the neck as pimps drive whores or sheep to the slaughterhouse.
Julia began to sob her nose and plaintively subscribe.
Sasha looked into her eyes: – Good to whine! Livejasmin 1.

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