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I was a little embarrassed, and pink, still got under the stadiometer.
He came very close to me.
So much so that I could feel his breath and inhaled his perfume with bliss.
Lowering my height meter to my head, he barely touched my shoulders with his own hands, and then I realized that I was being shaken.
Fixing my height, he asked me to turn his back on him to take his measurements.
Taking a centimeter in his hands, he got up from behind, and I felt with my whole body how he “bores” my bust with his eyes.
Then I asked for a measurement accuracy to remove the blouse, and without waiting for my answer, I began to unbutton one button after another.
My breasts are now left in a slinky lace bodice.
Then he said that measurements should be taken exactly at the level of the nipples, so he needs to see them.
I did not even have time to say a word, how from the back the zipper on the bodice was undone with one touch of his hand.
My breasts with

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pleasure popped out of the “lace shackles” and it was clear from them that they clearly demanded attention – my nipples had swelled so that they looked like ripe cherries.
Alexey’s hands slid over them so greedily that red spots from his touches began to appear on my chest.
I heard his deep breathing and felt his lust.

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He violently turned me towards himself and began to kiss passionately on the lips, then on the neck and began to descend to my chest.
He hugged my swollen nipple with his lips and began to nibble it slightly, and with his right hand he grabbed the nipple of the second breast and began to twist it as if it were setting a wave on the radio, and he tuned it — a wave of excitement was already rolling through my body.
With his other hand, he undid the lock on his skirt, and she just fell to the floor.
So I stayed in front of my boss in shorts and stockings.
After, having taken enough of caressing a breast, I got up and approached a table.
She leaned on her elbows and got cancer, while stroking her ass and pushing her buttocks apart.
Alexey did not lose his head, came up behind me and clasping my ass began to admire her, he pulled the thong up so that my anus was half visible from under the panties.
Then, turning me over to face him, he gently pulled off his panties with his teeth and parted my legs with a decisive movement of his hand.
Then he sank down and ran his tongue gently around the inside of the thigh, then over the labia, a moan broke from my lips, and Alexey obviously liked it.
He began to drive his tongue all over my crotch, not touching only the clitoris, specifically teasing me and watching me wriggle from his caresses.
Then, when I realized that I had nowhere else to pull, he spread my crotch with two fingers, so that my swollen clit got bare and appeared in front of him in all its glory.
He clutched his clitoris with his full lips and began to suck him gently, making circular movements with his tongue, then I could not hold back my emotions and huddled in sweet ecstasy.
Having a little recovered my breath and regained consciousness, I felt through his trousers his cock, by that moment he was already almost tearing his trousers from tension. Lesbian sex movies online watch.

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