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Her body arched from the pain in her thigh and the heat that had spread through her blood, and Sonya heard his powerful howl.
Now she struggled in strong convulsions from feelings that shook her body.
When they slept a little, turning more into a shiver than a cramp, she looked at the creature with a blurred look.
His whole face was in her blood, and he seemed to have grown bigger.
Not allowing her to come to himself, he turned her on her stomach, pressing her head with the one hand into the ground, and with the other, lifting her buttocks up, pressed his powerful member to her bosom.
Sensing this, the warmth flowed even more through her veins, and the fever climbed in the lower abdomen.
He abruptly pulled away from her, and she distinctly felt the cold air on her hot flesh.
Every minute it seemed to her that the heat was rising more and more in her, turning into fire.
As if molten lava spread over it, gathering in the womb.
His clawed hands squeezed her hips tightly, leaving marks and scratching the skin.
He burst into her body with one powerful push, breaking through her hymen.
Sonya screamed in pain.
The beast howled even more from its triumph.
She was afraid to move, but when he came out of her, and just as abruptly entered again, the fire that gathered around her uterus began to spread all over her body, bringing her overwhelming pleasure.

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Her thoughts and mind were cut off.
There were only mad fast shocks inside her and pleasure increasing in her body.
With each push, it seemed a little bit more, and she would explode, but something stopped her almost on the verge, and when her strength was already running out, the beast burst into her with a powerful blow and spilled the seed into her womb, swelling in it.
Fireworks exploded inside her, and a strong orgasm covered the body, penetrating the heart and soul.
Sonya again began to convulse with pleasure, completely falling on the grass with him, still feeling how his seed flows into it.
The darkness covered her, and Sonya fell into its depths.
Drake landed beside her, turning her, still pressed against him, to his side.
He was locked up in it, and this proved that she was his true couple.
Werewolves swelled only being in their pair.
This happened so that the seed would definitely take its roots, and the female carried the offspring.
He could stay in it for about an hour, so he turned her over, making her moan and shudder, and put it on himself.
The wolf in him was incredibly proud of himself, and he howled again.
Satisfying his primary instinct, Drake’s mind cleared a little, and the horror of understanding covered him.
Damn, she’s a man! He connected

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with the human woman.
Damn it, he was wrong, she could not be his true pair.
At that very moment, the wolf inside him broke out again.
Drake growled and squeezed her in his arms.
My! My! My! Whether he, or a wolf, or together they roared.
He did not even know the name of this woman, and how she got here.
But he could not be mistaken, everything in him screamed that it belonged to him.
And the fact that he was still swollen and erupted into her proved this.
He understood that now he would not let her go and was thinking how to explain this to her. Indian sex vidio live.

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