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once a day she will have the right to fuck all five husbands of slaves, and for one night she will be given to one of them for comfort.
The main duty of my slaves is to please me and my acquaintances, friends and partners in the same way, then and as much as I order.
They all value their place with me, and will not leave of their own accord for anything, since they get a lot of money and sex flavored with pain and humiliation, to which they are accustomed and without whom they don’t imagine, if you don’t believe, ask them.
Therefore, sex with you and their husbands for them is simply the performance of their duties, a very bland and very boring exercise.
They are already used to getting adrenaline through various trials and pain, your wife will also quickly get used to it.
– But after work she will come home! “Her work is not normalized, so she will come home when I let her go, she may not come at all at night, get used to it, she will rarely spend the night at home, but don’t be afraid, she will warn you about it.”
In addition, she will often leave for several days with me, or without me, with someone of my acquaintances, when it is needed, in any case, she will not be bored.
All my visitors love BDSM, and come here specially to have fun with my slaves.
Many of them have their favorites, and they are very frequent guests here.
They indulge their favorites with expensive gifts, against which I have nothing against, and all the little girls, although my slaves, are very rich and have their own accounts and deposits in prestigious banks, drive expensive cars, and some even saved up for an apartment.

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So they are all very happy with their lives, they visit spa salons, massage rooms, do fitness, which I only support, because they have to look like they are licking themselves, which is what happens.
In short, I have the most chic escort parlor with a full range of sexual services and a great selection of elite whores.
So be happy with your life, not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of my girls for free, while receiving big money! At this time, Nasty’s moan was heard, which we both forgot during the dialogue.
The chief sarcastically looked at me: – It’s thanks to you that she’s so punished.
But this is not all, for completeness and effectiveness you will now fuck her, not paying attention to the moans and tears.
– But she has the same anal plug in her ass! – So the whole effect is this.
It’s hard to learn, easy in battle! She will soon have two, or even three men at once, let them get used to the fact that all of her holes are working and should work without complaints! Everything, bend it with cancer, put the breast across the table and forward! Reluctantly following his instructions ,.

New Year’s erotic pastoral Ivan Sergeevich was lonely and therefore did not like holidays.
Holidays turned into torture for him.
These days he literally languished from idleness.
A few months ago, the engineering plant, where he worked as deputy chief accountant, was suddenly closed, and Ivan Ilyich became unemployed.
The first time he enjoyed freedom, and then pined.
Revising a bunch of newspapers, he tried to get a job by himself.
Having walked around the city a bit, Ivan Sergeevich realized that for him, a 45-year-old man, there was almost no chance of finding work in his specialty.
The owners and directors of firms preferred to

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take beautiful young women, preferably single people, as spelled in most job advertisements and, after going through the firms, he quickly became convinced of the complete futility of this occupation.
By registering at a job center, he began to receive unemployment benefits as an unemployed person.
At first, it was a shame to a strong and healthy man to receive unearned money, it was like alms that are served to the poor.
And the first time he came to receive benefits before the closure of the bank, when there were not many people, and then he quickly got used to his new position. Indian free online sex chat.

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