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It was so good! “I’m glad, my sweet,” said Sergey, out of breath, “I just want to change my position a little so that you can come off from the member.”
Let’s just hang on, just try not to separate, okay? Without removing the member from the boy, Sergei helped his wife to rise above the bed and get on all fours, removing the already unnecessary pillow from under him.
Now Zhenya stood before him in the seductive pose of the “river scorpion”, leaning on his knees and elbows.
Sergey was kneeling behind him, frankly admiring the charming picture of widely spaced ideally round boyish buttocks, between which his tightly introduced member disappeared.
Taking the boy with both hands on the buttocks and pushing them apart even more, Sergey continued to make measured, deep frictions.
Zhenya immediately groaned with pleasure,

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wriggling with his whole body.
“What a magical boy!”, Sergei thought with delight.
– “Just created to fuck in the ass.
So sincerely enjoying, who would have thought! I just love this little brat, now he’s mine, all mine! I will fuck him whenever I want.
“Feeling how inevitably, like a tsunami, his ecstasy is growing, Sergei realized that he was about to finish.
At the last second, he stuck his hand in front of the boy between his legs and grabbed his half-relaxed penis, fluttering in time with the intercourse.
He barely made a few movements with his fingers, feeling how the soapy slippery from the richly protruded grease protruded between them, and a well-marked shudder ran all over the boy’s body from the swirling top to the pink heels.
Engraved on his penis, Zhenya groaned loudly, hysterically, throwing back his head with his eyes squinted.
Almost shouting, he blindly shook his head in the air, shuddering with his whole body, violently clutching his toes, his wry face twisted in a convulsive grimace.

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In Sergey’s hand, with which he caressed the boy’s member, he was hit by a sharp hot stream, behind her – another, even more dense, then – more and more.
Sergey, having stopped the fuck for a moment, watched in amazement as the boy finished on his penis, and felt how his gut was furiously contracting, as if sucking the penis inserted into her.
These wild cuts provoked his own orgasm: after making a few erratic shocks, Sergei shuddered in dark, gloomy ecstasy.
It seemed that the whole world around him went out, but then he was illuminated by a thermonuclear flash of a powerful orgasm.
Clutching the boy with both hands in the ass, Sergey spent a long time, furiously ending at her, jerking semen into her with convulsive pushes.
If someone does not know how I am dragged from sportswear to young boys, listen here.
Today, after a break, I decided to go to a vocational school again.
And since he came too early, he could turn around for a while with the mechanics, the shops of which were located in the same building, there were often nice guys there.
At first I saw in the hallway a group of tremendous beauties, all in sneakers, so loved by me, and when they rushed past me on the stairs, there were also white socks that hid their strong legs.
I could not miss the short Turkish girl in white sneakers and wide skate pants, a light yellow sweater with a gold chain glittering.
I dabbed from his sweet face with a light shadow over his lip and short black hair that seemed very soft to the touch.
I went to the shop, further along the central aisle, where the guys in blue uniform overalls always flicker, and, finally, secretly crept into the locker room.
Fortunately, there was no one there, and I looked at the childish clothes that aroused me, scattered everywhere, sneakers on the floor, carelessly crumpled white socks.
I was already headed back when I saw a pretty black-haired boy leaning against a wall in a red light sweater.
He so casually smoked a cigarette, bending one leg and putting it in front of the other, showing off his white socks.
His face was pretty sweet, and this shaved head turned me on in order.
A gold chain dangled around his neck, His very beautiful strong arms fascinated.
Not surprising, if we take into account that for several days I could not fuck anyone.
For me, this environment at the school is full of porn, I see guys, I feel pressure in my eggs, and every time I am extremely tense when I go to the toilet, because I hope that someone from sweets will definitely drop in there. Hot sex tube online.

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