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Be-be-be – Aunt Tanya overtook the ticket taker in a nasty voice.
Before the session, there were still about fifteen minutes.
Places were still plenty.
– Run for popcorn and Coca-Cola – my mother lectured me another twenty.
Of course, what a movie can be without popcorn.
This is already a national tradition.
“And don’t forget the cups,” after all, Tanya left her aunt, leaning out of the window.
I carried the package of coca and four huge paper buckets full of popcorn with great care, trying not to spill everything along the way.
– Glasses brought? – The first thing Mishkin asked her mother when I got into the car with all my belongings.
It’s strange why she needs plastic cups, because Coca-Cola is usually drunk just from a can.
The answer cleared up after a few seconds.
She dived into her bottomless bag and pulled out a neat little flat bottle.
So that’s it? When I refueled at the gas station, the mothers also had time to “refuel”.
I silently handed them cups – Tanya’s aunt, without delay, opened my bottle and poured the contents.
True, only two cups – myself and my mother.
A moment later, with a real gesture, they tossed them into their mouths, smacking and praising the taste qualities of Californian cognac.
Finally – the film began.
To my surprise, it was colored, not black and white, as I had originally intended.
1964, after all.
Mom settled herself comfortably, putting her legs under herself and setting the bucket of popcorn on her lap, got ready to watch the masterpiece of French cinema.

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I also began to coax in the driver’s seat.
First of all – raised the armrest, fixing it between the backs of our seats.
Thus, our two backs have become one solid soft panel.
The seats themselves were also made as one unit.
Now it looked like more than one huge leather sofa.
Only the steering wheel protruded from the dashboard.
No gear lever (it was located on the steering column), no protruding parts.
It seemed that this miracle of the American automobile industry was specifically designed for such events.
Two people could be accommodated freely without interfering with each other.
The back seat was no less comfortable.
I hope our fellow travelers were comfortable there.
I lowered the windows in the doors a bit (there are only two of them, by the way), but it’s enough for the sound to penetrate the cabin and it’s impossible to see the passengers from the outside.
Previously, at the gas station, I thoroughly washed the windshield while the mothers were puffing her nose.
The review was great and everything was audible.
Slowly but surely, the atmosphere of the film captured my attention.
Eyes were riveted to the screen.
“Dan, can I straighten my legs.”
A whole day in heels.

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My legs are buzzing – my mother’s voice tore me from the pretty interesting events of the 17th century.
– Yes.
Of course, I answered in a whisper, without really delving into the essence of the matter.
Mom quickly put her legs on my lap, fitted her skirt so that I didn’t see anything under it, not for my eyes.
She put the bucket on her stomach and, as if nothing had happened, continued to watch the movie and crunch popcorn.
Well, ok.
Yes? I looked at her with a dumb question in my eyes, holding my bucket on my raised hands.
“And where shall I order him to put it?” I asked myself.
Mom, as if she mentally heard my question, turned to me and stared at my stupid posture with arms raised clutching a paper bucket.
– Oh, sorry – she apologized, spreading her legs a little, forming a place between her knees, but at the same time, not forgetting to hold her skirt, and ottyagya her down, closing the armhole formed. Hidden cam masturbation wife.

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