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Then it will be possible to talk with her, at least a little to talk normally, and not thinking what she is in bed.
So if you hire me, I will receive twice as much as I wanted.
I decided to just nod.
She smiled and continued: Company is strange, on the one hand it’s new and it’s like there’s not much money, but on the other you are renting an office in the center of the city, and, if I’m not mistaken, a whole floor? In addition, you give good salaries to employees.
Does programming really make such a profit? I looked into her eyes and realized that losing her would be difficult.
To do this, do not look at her chest or eyes.
But apart from this, I

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realized that the constraint that was at the beginning of the conversation had disappeared somewhere.
She could not help noticing how I was staring at her chest, but decided to pretend not to notice.
Either got used, or does not see anything reprehensible in it.
I also decided to smoke and got a cigarette.
Formally, we have been working for no more than a month, but in reality, for several years now.
We have quite a few clients and projects that need to be supported.
And besides this is a very wide range of services.
Therefore, we still have enough money, and our plans are more than real, even according to pessimistic forecasts, I said.

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And he thought, quite about the other.
I start to like it, my dick is in a state of semi-excited, and I just talk, and I try to be polite.
This was something masochistic.
And all your employees have such a salary, she said.
And I watched her drag on.
Why do women do everything so sexy, or this I perceive.
Even at the tip of a cigarette that has stained.
lipstick, was that exciting.
Those employees who now have a bigger salary than the one I offered you, but they are the ones who earn money.
And if I had offered them less, they would have been dumped to warmer places – I said dragging on.
She smiled again and decided to sit comfortably, leaning on the back of the chair, while she threw one leg over the other.
Which in turn turned my eyes on her slender legs.
My dick began to grow again.
I turned my gaze to her face, and thoughts began to rush to my head, but suddenly one of my sexual fantasies is now embodied.
The member rose again to his full height, and began to call for action.
But they were ahead of me: Not bad at all, she said, at my last robot my salary was two times less, but on the penultimate one, much higher.
I smiled.
Well, of course.
When I looked at her resume, it was quite an interesting place.
She has worked in one German – Russian company for more than two years.
And knowing the requirements of such companies, I could safely say that she is a very good specialist and knows at least two foreign languages.
Why did you leave such a good place.
She put out a cigarette and looked at me.
I watched for a long time and studying.
Then she decided to answer: They have some bad rules about romance on a robot.
You worked with your husband – I did not understand.
Yes, I was able to get a job for that work, and my husband – she stopped talking, carefully considering me, but then decided to continue – but I had a romance not with him, but with my boss. Granny nude webcam.

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