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When he took another step and practically upturned the camera viewfinder Lena into the crotch, she could not stand it and broke out in loud sobs.
But that was not all.
The sergeant stepped back a little, the lieutenant came up to her, leaned over her exposed groin, spread his lips with his fingers and began poking his other hand gently, checking for the presence of a hymen, which caused Lena to cry even harder.
Making sure, finally, that everything is normal, he straightened up, with a gesture he stopped Lena’s attempt to get up and said: That’s what, dear! This camera captures at least three gross violations of the law – violation of uniforms, criminal wearing of linen and the lack of a portfolio.
In theory, I have to detain you and forward you to the ward for registration, you face a serious punishment – a long weekly or even daily flogging, and possibly imprisonment.

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But I feel sorry for you, given that you have a mitigating circumstance.
Therefore, I will give you a chance.
Do you work or study? I work, – sobbing, answered Lena.
Till what time? Until seven in the evening.
I am waiting for you at my home at this address, ”he wrote the address on a piece of paper,“ today at 20:30.
If you are obedient, everything will be fine.
You are free! Lena quickly got off the hood of the car and, hiding behind her hands, rushed to her clothes.
However, on the sidewalk there was only a handbag and sneakers.
“Well, yes,” Lena remembered, “he said that clothes should be seized.”
She stopped dumbfounded – she had a choice – either go naked to work now, work naked all day, and then go back home in the same way, or go naked home now, get dressed (and you still need to bring clothes into line with the Law) , but very much late for work.

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She chose the second option.
To be continued.
I will have you, Natasha, in the ass.
Get ready.
Take a laxative, enema in the morning.
I undressed quickly, as the speed record set.
Lay me and Lena on the bed.
Umnichka this all noticed what I did on Natasha last time.
Sideways, she sat down to me, took her breasts with her hands and brought them in turn to my lips.
He gives it to the nipple, then the very bottom of the breast, then applies it sideways.
I already have no patience.
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