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the apartment was on the first floor and the pool went down to the basement.
It was immediately obvious that the specialists from the CU-5 who had been able to build anything and anywhere worked here.
Of course, it took a lot of water for this bathing, but the owners did not abuse it and used this building very rarely on major holidays or anniversaries of friends.
When they sank into the warm water of the pool, smelling like mint, he swam up to his beloved and hugged her.

– No no! Now only swimming, and then.
“What then?” “Cat soup!” – she laughed about swam to the other wall of the pool.
“Lord! What a girl she is! Although he is almost a doctor of medical sciences, ”he thought, and was glad that she was not a charmer, not a fake one who was filling her price, but a young woman who loves life.
Their table could be envied by any of the tables of the famous Golden Horn restaurant, which he often visited while in Vladivostok.
They say that it was already demolished, but in vain.
I myself have been there and ate the famous three-day cabbage soup and delicious “Tobacco Chickens”.

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And what were the wines there ?! Fairy tale.
We have not yet learned to appreciate the old days, calling it backwardness.
This is how the values ??that skillful people acquire, but who cannot transfer them to their descendants, disappear from history.
Finally, they were in the bedroom.
Here, on a wide four-poster bed, as if on the bed of the Shah of Persia lay two bodies.
They were completely naked.
He kissed her lower and lower, dropping to her stomach, trying to suck on her navel, and she laughed, saying that it was ticklish.
Then he began to kiss her knees, which suddenly opened and his lips fell on the other lips, which immediately opened, asking his tongue to work there.
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