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Then the man moved over and threw me on my back.
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entered me like a knife in butter.
I groaned and spread my legs as wide as possible so that he could pull closer.
The movements became faster and faster and with them increased pleasure, filling every cell of my body.
I begged him not to stop, squirmed, kissed his chest, shoulders.
My whole body glistened with sweat.
At the moment when the pleasure reached its peak, my body was bent.
The warrior leaned toward me and our lips merged in a kiss.
When it was over, we lay nearby.
My hands were still bound, but the man pulled me to him.
“I think,” he whispered, removing the wet strand from my face.
– I’ll leave you to myself.
A little preface.
The following story was written by me a long time ago on the order of one lady.
A little fabulous, fantasy content, the type of “time travel.”
I do not advocate anything, I just decided to choose such circumstances.
I decided, so to speak, to move away from the main theme of the camp.
Well, let’s get down to the story.
I am loyal to the Reich, my Führer, but please entrust it to me, – Franz said this, raising his right hand up, though not from a pure heart.
The share of cunning, as well as vanity and other tricks was, he admitted to himself that.

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The time has come, and Franz knew perfectly well how soon Hitler and the Reich would fall, so he took the most out of each such moment.
Probably, fundamentally choosing the side of the villains, the habit of what to say.
He loved his work, traveled from time to time, although, they say, it is very old.
The demon said this to him more than once, but where he is now, one Messire knows.
At the thought of this old man, his heart ached, but Franz was already walking down the corridor to his office.
German boots made a booming sound, bouncing off the walls and tossing about in space.
It was summer, there was a year before the victory, and the Fuhrer had long been furious.
Franz spat on the wooden floor and shuffled his boot, rubbing the spittle.
Cap flew to the sofa.
Jules intercepted her and shoved back to Franz, who slammed his hand over her.
Do not be nervous, we always have a way out – her lightheadedness always amazed Franz, who resolutely brought all his services to the end.
Jules sighed, and her chest rose high, then languidly sank.
– Would lie now somewhere in Miami on the beach.
The sun, the sea, – her voice sounded sweet, cloyingly, enveloping Franz’s body.
He shuddered at the sound that sounded so seductive in this swamp.
Jules shook her foot and looked out the window where Kerh was walking.
Jules, – Franz lowered the timbre of his voice and turned away from his companion, smiling bitterly, – I wrote the Führer on you.
– His hands clung to the wooden table, he imagined the expression on her face.
Slightly stretched round attractive face, narrowed blue eyes, leg stuck in the air.
Another second and her nails cling to his short black hair.
Franz did not wait and, snatching a black cap, flew out the door, slamming it loudly.
Faithful Germans still stood along the corridor.
Franz straightened his cap and, straightening his back, walked down the corridor. Chat sexy en cam.

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