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It was the only one in that color and that size.
Daniel tried to defuse the situation.
– That was my gift to Jane.
It was sewed to order.
– How did you meet? – Shannon was looking at Jane, then at Daniel, waiting for a heartbreaking story.
“It’s simple – we are neighbors,” Daniel did not want to invent anything, so as not to be caught in the details.
“How lovely,” said Lucy, “and you immediately noticed each other?” Jane thought about it.
She was never very interested in who lives in her house.
She more believed the rumors that went about him, and saw him with a new woman almost every evening.
Daniel rolled his eyes theatrically, “remembering” the details of dating.
– I remember the first time I saw her.
She was like no one.
Looking at her, one could only state the fact that she was a woman.
He terribly wanted to share his thoughts and feelings about her, but he understood that the audience was not quite suitable.
“Jane, what do you like most about him?” “Lucy didn’t let up.”
– And let me tell you when I come from the ladies’ room? Daniel stood with her, following the rules of etiquette.
– I spend you.
The blonde startled.
– I’ll go with her, you need to powder the nose.
– – —— Jane went into the room, stood near the mirror and relieved.
She was like a string.
Tired, hungry, not playing their role.
“Hurry, it would all be over.”
– Well, tell me, where did you pick it up? “Shannon was fixing makeup.”

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in my opinion, told you quite clearly how we met.”
– Yes, but I want to know your version.
The naked eye can see that you are far from him.
– Are you close? – the girl gave nerves.
“I will beat him off from you,” the blonde flashed her eyes with predatory eyes.
– He does not like blondes.
You can spend one night together in order to amuse his vanity, but this will all end.
“I don’t believe you, so I’ll start right now.”

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“For God’s sake,” flashed Jane’s mind.
She decided that if she didn’t get better after eating, she would end this theater with her care.
Returning to the table, she was surprised to notice that everyone eats with appetite.
She did not specify why everything happened so quickly and no one asked her what she would eat.
Daniel seemed to read her mind.
– Kitten, I ordered your favorite lobster and brown rice.
“I only read about it in books,” the girl smiled hard.
– Thank you dear.
The man noticed a clear change in her mood.
– Are you okay? He whispered in her ear.
– Yes and no.
But, probably, after all, no.
I do not know how to eat lobsters.
A little bit more and she will get hysterical.
– They have meat under the tail.
Do you want me to feed you defiantly? Without waiting for an answer, he began to pick out meat with a fork and put it on a plate.
Surrounding almost did not give it any importance – not every day the opportunity to eat at someone else’s expense in an expensive restaurant falls out.
After trying one piece, Jane washed it down with water.
Daniel watched her carefully.
He wondered what she would say about the dish.
Suddenly, Jane leaned over his ear and mumbled something.
He laughed.
– My dear, you have a great sense of humor, I really like this joke.
Seeing the frightened eyes of Jane, he realized something had happened.
“Jane, are you alright?” – Lucy looked at her in surprise.
The girl shook her head.
Daniel understood that he had to finish this masquerade and, after a short while saying goodbye to everyone, and leaving the necessary instructions at the hostess, put Jane in the car.
“Can you tell what happened?” Jane shook her head again and asked for a pen and paper.
“I’m probably allergic to lobsters.
I can’t move my tongue, ”Daniel read.
– Your mother.
Raul, drive to the hospital.
Why didn’t you tell me? “Because I have never eaten them” – the girl slowly shed tears.
– Stop roaring – there will be more.
But the waterfall of tears was already unstoppable.
Jane was angry at herself, at him and at all her colleagues.
Why did she need to play the role of who she is not? She does not need this man who knows nothing about her.
She does not need this team, which, lately, it is necessary to prove something.
She got confused in her thoughts and did not notice how she lost consciousness.
– – – – Daniel brought her in his arms to the emergency room and shouted: – I urgently need help.
A nurse ran up to him instantly.
– She probably has an allergic reaction to lobsters.
For the last 10 minutes, her tongue was swollen and unconscious.
“Amy, urgently bring me a vial of epinephrine and adrenaline.”
We have a strong allergic reaction.
We can lose it.
She checked Jane’s pulse and measured the pressure. Cams sexy sites.

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