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He fell between her lap and inserted his dzhigit.
As she gasped and began to play under my ass! That removes it for themselves, then I served to meet.
In this case, they say that a woman “podmahivaet”, but I prefer the word “plays”.
Lacquer her full, do not let me stick deep enough.
I had to grab her under her knees and put her legs on his shoulders.
Now I got it all the way.
And Helen-girl tries to make it comfortable for me.
She took her legs with her hands on her heels and lifted them up.
Now her legs protrude vertically and spread apart as a slingshot.
And I’m in the middle of this slingshot trying.
All good things end sooner or later.
Cumshot and I enjoy Lena.
Poured its contents and fell on her chest.
She let go of her heels and put her legs on my back.
Lies under me, can not catch my breath.

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I fell on my side and turned Lena to me.
She lay on my stomach, her head on her shoulder settled down.
And she grabbed my hand and pressed it to her pubis, leaned over it with her whole body.
– Lena – I say – the last time you kissed me from behind, I never heard a woman caress her man like that.
Did you make this up yourself? “I thought you would like it.”
You were not disgusted by my caresses? – That you are very good, although unusual.
Then I noticed that Natasha, in a corner, turned her head towards us, as far as possible, and looks over her shoulder what Lena and I are doing.
It is necessary to deal with it.
Two women at the same time – this is already difficult.
He drove Lena to bring me a wet towel for a tired horseman, to wash herself and make coffee herself.

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And Natasha said: – Stop standing in the corner, come to me.
She goes, mince, pants at the ankles to interfere with walking.
Her panties are lower than her ass, she supports them with her hand so that they do not fall down from the place where the Master has determined.
She came up and even tried to smile at me.
– Well, what, will be obedient girl? – I will be obedient in everything, just forgive me – looking at me, and in the eyes of a plea.
Well whipping acted on her.
Especially because it was a complete surprise to her.
I got out of bed naked, slowly, with taste I begin to undress her completely.
At first, the legs were freed from the trousers, then, slowly, rolled up the panties.
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