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I grabbed her head and pulled her to me.
she opened her mouth, took a member and, seizing my buttocks, pulled herself, swallowing it.
I squeezed her head with my hands and, moving my hips, immersed my cock in my throat, pulled it out and shoved it again.
her tongue slid over the penis, and saliva dripped through her lower lip and dripped.
my movements were sharp and jerky.
her breasts were rubbing against

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my knees and, when a wave of voluptuousness poured out with sperm, she, tightly wrapped her lips around her, sucked and sucked and swallowed her.
Natasha got up, licking her lips and wiping her chin with her palm – Hmm, and you know how to distract and calm down – But I didn’t do anything, everything happened by itself! Natasha looked at the paleting east – I had to – But you didn’t explain anything to me Natasha! – Then, then I will tell everything. My heart ached sweetly, but I didn’t say anything – I cannot leave my kingdom for a long time – Your kingdom?! – Yes – So you are the queen of the far kingdom? And I.
– Yes, you fucked the queen and now you will not turn away.
And if you do not agree to become my husband, I order my servants to cut off your head.

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No, the head, the head is still useful – Natashka was in her role.
– Bye, my sweet.
Soon we will meet again – and she hung in the air and, having described the circle above me and described me, she rose up along the arc and disappeared.
Human thoughts and desires are able to attract into our lives what we think about.
A strong human will can literally change reality, forcing it to humbly present the desired situations and opportunities.
I have always been interested in a variety of doctrines and theories that promise a special power over reality.
And they even brought a partial effect, but it could not satisfy me.
But lately everything has changed.
Looks like I found a treasure in whose existence I believed all my life.
The teaching that gave me real power.
I have already successfully tested a lot of things, but today I want to proceed to the most delicious – the submission of a person, complete submission.
Always dreamed of a young sexual slave.
The most interesting thing is that complete, truly complete power is possible only over those who are ready to admit it.
The subordination process is further facilitated if the recognition of power becomes public.
So the first candidate for the role of my sacrifice is lovers walking around in various collars, choppers and bracelets.
It doesn’t matter what sense the carriers put in them, for many it remains a slave symbol, a symbol of belonging to another.
Unconscious choice of the role of obeying – still remains a choice.
Just today I will meet with odnogruppnitsey, which flaunts every day in the chopper. Cam nude forum.

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