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So wear stockings, but what color and what skirt? Perhaps I will wear a red flared skirt, not very long, to cover the edge of white lace stockings.
From a distance it is not immediately noticeable what they are.
Panties do not want to wear, but necessary.
Suddenly I get excited prematurely.
Now top.
Well, it’s already easy.
White soft bodice, we put preziki filled with water into it, size 3 turned out, not bad.
From above I also put on a light white blouse with a small neckline.
From the mirror, a pretty sexy girl looked at me, although she looked a bit like a schoolgirl, but no big deal.
Friday evening.
Where to go to find the adventure on his ass, but at the same time stay alive and healthy.
Perhaps that public toilet, in which there are slots in the walls for members.
I have been there once, really like a man, but nothing prevented me from enjoying it as a woman.

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It was decided, there I went first.
Reached surprisingly calm, although some guy shamelessly pawed my ass under the skirt.
I did not resist, because I like it.
Getting off at the right stop, I headed to the right place.
At the entrance they smoked two men, of good looks, having spotted me, they smiled and went deep into the toilet.
Well, I proceeded to the right booth.
Locking in there, I heard a rustle on the right behind the wall.
And a minute later, a member who had not yet risen appeared in the right hole.
In this state, he was rather fat, but I like it.
Taking him in hand, I began to cheat on him.
Then she approached him with her face and licked it.
He immediately began to get up.
And now he is in full glory, 20 centimeters, no less! Then I could not resist and pounced on him, greedily swallowing.

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Wow, how I love to suck such terms.
Thick, with swollen veins.
But here I was almost interrupted by a knock on the left side; in that hole, an already standing up appeared, not so thick, but still a welcome member.
Without hesitation, my left hand clasped him and began to jerk off.
My ass was awfully itchy and wanted sex.
My left hand stopped nadrachivat member and rushed to the ass, pulled out the cork, and then took out the grease from her purse and quickly lubricated her ass.
Pulling the panties down and throwing them to the exit, I got my ass to the left member and sent him inside.
Hugging my butt against the wall, I again leaned over the first member and began to suck it passionately.
The member in my ass began to move without hesitation, stretching the intestinal walls.
How I love it.
I have two sides.
After a while I was tired of sucking, so they just started fucking me there.
Behind me, one member furiously fucked, and the second fuck in her mouth.
How I wanted this.
But now a member of the ass came out, I realized that he wants to cum in my mouth, I immediately turn around my ass to the right member, who immediately enters me, and I take the second member in my mouth.
And double sitting begins again.
A member in her mouth did not last long and began to pour sperm into my mouth.
I drank this gorgeous liquid until the flow was exhausted, having licked my dick properly, I released it.
Then he immediately disappeared from the hole.
The second me all pranked with incredible force.
He entered faster and deeper, massaging the prostate.
My member did not get up, but I was very good and I felt that I would soon be finished.
And then it happened, my dick began to spew sperm, and the sphincter shrink, which apparently became the final point for the owner of a member, that he fucked me, as he began to frantically tear my ass and cum into it.
God, I just flew away from such a finish.
The member came out of me and disappeared in the hole, but I rolled down the wall to the floor in a puddle of my sperm, which also grew due to my ass.
I gradually came to my senses.
Began to assess the situation.
Stockings are slightly stained with sperm, but they are white, so there are almost no noticeable traces. Big boobs cam tube.

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