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It has its own technique: you need to bring the folded lips to the finger and drastically draw in the air with the cream, and then complete what has been done with the tip of the tongue.
Otherwise, everything will be smeared.
Madam catches my praying glance.
– Well, what a martyr, really want? – Madam, there is no strength to endure, please, please! – How do you want? – She mocks.
– Very, very, very, very much! – Okay.

You still have a lot to go today.
Enjoy! I rush to kiss the feet with pinkish marks from the straps of shoes, I lick the incomparable pediculous fingers, my tongue penetrates between them licking all this beauty.
But after half an hour, the Lady takes away her legs and removes me.
She gets up, lights a cigarette and walks barefoot on the warm floor.
Traces of watermelon, falling ash, spray of urine, everything is imprinted on its soles.
I’m kneeling and waiting.
– So, I see my slave became not indifferent to dirty feet? Soon you will need dirt under painted nails, sweaty feet, unwashed for weeks, trampled stockings, pedicure scaly varnish?

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And there sui Madam foot in the toilet, I will lick! So what? – Merciful Mrs., I am your devotee slave and I consider it a pleasure to kiss, lick and suck your beautiful legs in any condition! As you wish! Though washed, though not! They are always beautiful and will be revered with inexpressible joy and licked at least dust on them, even cyanide potassium! – But you, piglet, have new obsessive desires? – My desires are insignificant in comparison with your mercy! “But you want to try my soles now?” – I always want to kiss and lick them! – Yes, from you frankness you will not squeeze! However, maybe you really are not lying, since you love them so much!
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