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She was young – she was 18 – beautiful and, as, indeed, all the magicians of fire, stubborn and quick-tempered.
Flaming Shana – so called her friends not only for her character, but also for her magnificent red mane of gorgeous hair.
The priestess walked and gurgled with anger and resentment at her friend, thinking at the same time, and if the problem is that she, too, has long been staring at boys and even regularly masturbating in the bath, but still a virgin.
These thoughts infuriated her even more – she was proud of her innocence and cherished her for.

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for something worthwhile! Shana refused to admit that she was jealous of her girlfriend’s full life and continued to roam the forest.
Having calmed down a bit, the girl decided to go back, but before that go to the bushes.
It was a warm summer night and she was in a light vestment of a priestess of the Clan of Fire, similar to a tunic.
Out of habit, after looking around, Shana sat down and relaxed.
As soon as she decided to get up, male voices began to reach her ears.
What they said was unclear, but their presence in such a place aroused suspicion.
Soon, three figures appeared in the darkness.
The firefly priestess extinguished beforehand.
“And I didn’t think that everything would come out so smoothly,” came a voice that apparently belonged to a young man of 20 to 25 years old.
– Ha, our dad – the head! With him we will not perish! And now, quietly back home – this war is zadolbala! – the voice belonged to an older man.
– Silence both and walk, alive! We may be haunted, so do not relax! – this was clearly over 40.

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– “Deserters! We already have problems, and these cowards are fleeing from the battlefield! ”- Shana found the object to exit her rage.
She decided to stop the men — she could defeat ordinary soldiers — just to spit.
– Well, stand! “Who are you?” – after a few moments came the voice of a senior.
“I am Countess Shanah Hellfaer-Bladeblade, priestess of the Fire Clan, and you are all arrested for desertion!” Before the girl, delighted with the easy victory, managed to do something, the trio ran away in different directions.
Sparks and light “Fireballs” rushed after them – she was not going to kill them and held back the power of the spells.
For a couple of minutes, the girl pursued what appeared to her the youngest, and here.
Bah! The soil went out from under their feet and Shana fainted.
The priestess awoke with a ringing in her head – a consequence of the dastardly blow to the head from the ambush.
She found herself prostrated on a small stone slab covered with moss – apparently, an altar for worshiping some spirit.
“Great, here my magical energy will be much higher!”
But it was not there! Rough thick gauntlets were put on Shan, which prevented her from making any gestures with her fingers, her hands were tied like feet.
On the back of the countess ran a chill.
– Well, what are we going to do with her? – the voice of the young came.
All three stood nearby at the small fire and talked.
– Hey, Dad, you need to kill this girl, but she will not give up.
How to drink give will pass! – it said average.
“Look, I’ve come to my senses,” with these words, the elder approached the prisoner.
– How did you sleep? Is it convenient? The girl spat awkwardly at the one who asked and shouted: “Let me go at once!” Yes k-to-how dare you !? For this you.
– to finish her not given.
The elder shoved a gag from her dirty stinky cloth into her mouth and tied it so she wouldn’t spit it out.
– Oh, brisk then what kind of goat got! – The girl helplessly moaned angrily at her offenders, not wanting to calm down, and they surrounded her.
Now she could see them — all three of them were quite large.
Senior with graying hair and a short beard.
Medium – the largest – with a tum, and the youngest – wide-shouldered, tall, but thin and with acne.
– So what to do with it? Anal webcam couple.

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