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Soon I stopped crap but I was kept with bent legs all the time after lying down a bit I felt that I would crap again and soon a new portion of excrement came out of me.
You will no longer be kakat asked the nurse, I said no.
My legs let go of asking me to lie down on the flank and lie down while they lay down new diapers.
“Do you want to suck?” I was asked and without waiting for an answer from me, they put her in and I instinctively reached out for her with my lips and began to suck covered with a sheet.
Soon everything was prepared for the next stage of my douching.

I continued to lie on my side waiting for me to be engaged again.
Soon, they brought a tripod with a reinforced heating pad to the couch that hung higher than the first time and, without another word, very much spread my butt and began to introduce a flexible tip that was a little thicker than the first one pushing it further and further.
I realized that I was given it deeper than the first time and the action of the water this time will be stronger than usual.
-Now, some water will flow into you stronger than the first time and you have to suffer.

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Really, will you be patient? We are asking for another Razik and will no longer do this today.
Good? And you’ll be clean.
When you really want to give a shit, tell us and we will give you a poop, but in front of these you have to promise us that you are still not many lie back and bear it as long as possible.
Pravda- again turned teacher.
I had no choice but to agree with them. I nodded my head in a cap that I was corrected and helped turn back.
Poravov tip in the ass and warning me that the pressure will be stronger than the first time they opened the tap and I immediately felt that they did not lie to me.
The water burst into my entrails into the most hidden corners of my body, washing everything in my path all the accumulated deposits in the course of several young years of my life.
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