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“She believes in everything, she can be brought to conviction,” said Andrei, “but outwardly she is just a class girl — her chest is like that, but the priest is huge!”.
“Wow!”, I exclaimed, “it was not bad to see her naked!”.
“Just about!” Andrew agreed, “why I came to you.
Now my parents are watching over her, but somewhere in an hour they will leave for some time and we will be alone in the house.
That’s when we’ll do the trick.

You, Vanya, pretend to be a doctor and order her naked undressed.
And then we can heartily have fun with it, check all the holes, agree? “.
“And you think she will believe that I am a doctor?”
“But how can it be? After all, until then all the time all sorts of doctors were working around her.
But for a 100% guarantee you will wear a white robe in which my father goes to inspect the bees.
Then surely everything will go like clockwork! ”
“And if she then tells your parents that this is how they say so, the doctor came to me, did this and that?”
“Well, let him tell who will believe her?

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Everyone knows that she is crazy!”.
“Well, okay, then you take all the responsibility for this operation!”, I finally agreed.
“Don’t worry, everything will be okay! Come to me in an hour and get down to business!”
Exactly an hour later I came to the house of Andrew.
He was already waiting for me on the threshold, throwing a white robe over his shoulder.
“Tax!”, He said, “the relatives left for the city and will not return soon, and this fool is sitting on the sofa and leafing through the book.
I have already warned her that a doctor will come to her now.
So, quickly put on a bathrobe and go! “.
I threw on my dressing gown and with trembling hands began to fasten buttons, which for some reason did not follow my fingers.
“Do not worry, I told you, she is nuts and she will believe everything!
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