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Helga sighed with a sweet moan, trembling from a dizzyingly gentle arousal.
She had never experienced such a thing to Albert.
Finally, after already almost painful caresses, he gently, but persistently turned her to him and with some greed he clung to her lips.
Unlike the caresses, the kiss was fierce, wild, with undisguised passion he kissed and bit her limp lips, and she could barely breathe from her overwhelming feeling – much deeper than just excitement.
It was a primal happiness to belong to him.

And he could no longer restrain himself, crushed her chest, buttocks, covered with kisses her neck, chest, time after time confirming that Helga is now his.
Almost thoughtlessly, she began to take off his clothes, she wanted to snuggle up to him in earnest.
Sensing the hot skin of his chest under her arm, she began to kiss her, kiss everything that was opened under her clothes, allowing the fabric to slip out of her weakened hands.
She heard his breathing, raspy and hoarse, when she reached his body, she felt the whole rapid beat of his heart.

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Helgi’s skirt befell the same fate as the top, and Albert smoothly lowered her palms to her elastic ass, wetted holes in thin panties.
Helga, not hesitating, groaned in a voice of lust, and, although Albert did not say anything, she realized on a tactile level that his excitement had increased.
Suddenly their tender caresses and passionate kisses broke off – Albert abruptly picked Helga up in his arms and, barely restraining his impulse, pushed against the wall.
Helga was even surprised that they were standing so close to the wall — she couldn’t imagine this room at all, completely isolated from the light.
Squeezed between the wall and Albert, she clutched at his hands and clasped his torso with her legs, completely hanging on it.
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