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She sometimes interrupted, taking the penis out of her mouth and just masturbating.
In this case, something said to Dima.
But I did not understand.
Dima’s member was not very big, but a typical mediocre size.
Of course she sucked an appetizing.
Even without noticing, I, too, climbed into the panties and began to gently knead between the legs in stockings.
The excitement was incredible.
“Pancake! I wish I could see how he fucked her! ”I thought.
Glimpses of different thoughts in the dope of excitement.
And suddenly one of them slipped, “I wish I could try too!” I immediately tried to drive these thoughts, but I could not stop cheating myself in the heat of the situation.
But, nevertheless, I did not lose vigilance and did not forget that another person was still nearby.
However, for some reason he was not so scared.
The picture gradually changed.
The guys decided to do natural work.
Nastya got up and started to wear jeans off her ass.
The ass was big, but neat.
They fumbled and joined in and I had to hide so that they wouldn’t spot me.
My heart continued to beat wildly, but now it was even a bit pleasant.
Nervous trembling poked, but also somehow strangely enjoyed.
Thoughts and fantasies just drove crazy, and not much, and I would have lost the sense of self-preservation.
Suddenly I heard: – Ui-ui.
No I can not! Painfully! – it was Nastya’s voice.
– Well, try to relax, I will once more! – No! I cant! Painfully! Let me better dosos! – Come on! Apparently they tried in the ass, and she did not like it, or she did not try at all before.
But it is quite understandable.
I waited some more and looked out from behind the column.
Sergey still smeared the picture sitting in the shade.
I also looked out from above.

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A few minutes later, Dima finished.
I understood this by a characteristic sigh and moan.
Nastya swallowed everything and sucked.
Then I disappeared again, so that God forbid they did not notice me while they were going to.
I was also on the verge of a powerful orgasm.
Judging by the creaking of the door, the guys are gone.
I stayed on the roof only with this Sergey.
I suddenly realized that I was only 2 meters away from him, and he was almost naked.
When the guys left, he also got up and began to gather, and I again had a fit of fear.
Suddenly, his voice rang out: “Hey, who’s here!” For me it was like a thunderbolt.
Apparently my white blouse saw because of the pipe.
I was numb.
Not able to shout or do anything.
He hastily dressed and looked to me, said: – Opanka! Tolley girl, and toli maintenance! I both squatted and slipped along the pipe wall.
Here it is, the end.
My heart went to my heels, and

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I could not say anything.
– What are you doing here that ?? – smiling, he asked, clearly feeling his superiority, standing above me.
And I lowered my head and could not lift it.
I just beat a nervous shiver and teeth pounded.
Minutes like an eternity lasted.
Suddenly, he squats up to lift my head under the chin and looks straight into his eyes ready to cry.
I remember he was older.
Probably 17 years old.
The face is elongated, but cute, slightly naive, but sly eyes.
He smiled and kissed me on the lips trying to suck, but somewhat unskilled.
Clearly not very experienced.
I was afraid to answer him, and indeed I was as in a stupor, only opened my mouth, to which language immediately followed.
Probably thought I answered.
Pinching fear gave some strange sensations that have long been in the abdomen.
I suddenly understood clearly that he might not stop, but when I saw that I was a guy, I do not know what to do with me.
On the other hand, I could not stop the kiss, there was a wall behind, and he held my chin and neck with his hand.
I just waited for him to stop, trying to figure out his feelings.
Then he stopped and wanted to climb to kiss on the neck, touching.
me for an improvised chest.
But I groaned, as if I wept.
He instantly recoiled.
– Baby! I really like you! Do not Cry.
I will be gentle if you want.
I just covered my face with my hands and pretended to cry.
In fact, it was almost at me that there was such a state, and I swallowed the air only through my mouth with short sighs.
Although, along with fear, I horror as I wanted, probably, everything happened.
He stood over me and thought what to do with me. Webcam gape anal.

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