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She said softly.
I brought her a dress that she had already prepared for dressing, panties and shoes.
Usually under this dress the wife never put on a bra.
I helped her to fasten the dress and after some persuasion I nevertheless brought her out of the bathroom.
– Meet, this is Sergey Valerevich.
And this is my wife.
– Very nice.
– He said and kissed her hand, which she held out for a handshake.
I would never have thought that he was so gallant, although I still didn’t know much about him.
– Mutually.
– she said quietly.
– Well now it is possible and at the table, I have already prepared everything.
– He said and pointed to a glass filled with champagne and glasses of cognac.
By the way, I do not like strong drinks, so I use them in limited quantities, and here for two and two more, 0, 7. Webcam couple anal.

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