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Especially Ira.
For which Tanya actually arranged a demonstration.
Much more effective than requests and persuasion – unobtrusively show this girl what her children are dirty.
Counselors with caregivers should monitor hygiene, and not a nurse should begin examining a child by wiping priests.
Let admire one of his boys in all its glory – this is not him, but she should be ashamed.
– What a pretty round ass, – said Tanya, – and so dirty.
Especially this little hole – now we should wipe it out.
Despite a

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slightly squeamish smile, Ira watched with interest the actions of the nurse.
Standing next to her, Larissa could not tear her eyes away from the boy’s ass with the pink scrotum hanging under her.
Due to the effect of Tanin, a clear demonstration is not conceived.
Both counselors still considered the cleanliness of children’s priest as a nurse’s duty — let them wipe if she so desired.
– What scared? – Tanya grinned, unceremoniously shoving a wet napkin in Sasha’s hole, – Didn’t your mother ever wipe her ass like that? Counselors giggled softly.
“And now we’ll change the napkin and wipe this little sack,” said Tanya, “You’re pretty dirty too.”
The nurse applied a cold napkin to Sasha’s scrotum and clasping the cowering boy’s sack with her palm, gently rolling her testicles – watching her little patient shiver from tickling.
“And it doesn’t bother to wipe the front,” Tanya added, forcing Sasha to straighten up and turn to face the counselor.
Half a minute, while the nurse diligently wiped his pubis and pussy – in front of the smirking girls-counselors, the boy seemed like an eternity.
– Everything! – finally announced she – Ready for inspection! Tanya led Sasha to the scales and, waiting for him to stand on them, began to move the weights.
After weighing the nurse put the boy to the rail to measure growth.

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– Do not slouch! – She grumbled, – It is necessary to stretch out into the string.
And where are your hands told to hold? “What a beautiful boy,” said Larisa, admiring the standing naked Sasha.
– Where are my hands again? – the nurse shouted at Sasha, – Five minutes you can not stand, so as not to touch your pod.
– Well, at boys at any age love to do, – Larissa laughed and after her Ira.
Fearing the nurse’s slap, Sasha reluctantly removed his hands.
I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
– 116 centimeters, – Tanya Sashin announced his height before writing it in a notebook.
After measuring the growth, the nurse ruffled Sasha’s hair, looking at something carefully.
“There is no temperature,” said Tanya, putting her hand to Sasha’s forehead. “Let’s go.”
The nurse led Sasha to the couch and sat down, put on a silver phonendoscope.
– Breathe deeply! she ordered the boy, listening to him in front, “Now turn your back.”
Obediently turning his back to the nurse, Sasha blushed deeply, meeting his eyes with Ira, to whom he now stood facing.
– And when will you stop being shy? – Tanya grumbled, separating the boy’s palms.
Putting a cold phonendoscope to Sasha’s boy a couple of times, the nurse turned his face to her again and began to feel her belly.
“Dense,” Tanya frowned. “When was the last time you walked a lot?” – So he will tell you, – Larissa giggled.
– Yeah, – smiled Ira, – Look, as he flushed.
– What are you shy? – the nurse did not lag behind Sasha, – Answer! Are you popping today? Sasha shook his head.
– But yesterday? – Tanya asked, – Do not you remember? Well, have to put an enema.
A seven-year-old boy looked up at the nurse with a frightened look.
“I’m not joking,” she said. “Constipation is serious.”
– Yesterday.
– began Sasha and hesitated, blushing deeply.
– Went over a lot? – clarified the nurse.
– Yes, – Sasha nodded.
“I remembered right away,” Ira smiled.
– Anyway, put an enema, – Larisa suggested jokingly, – For prophylaxis.
Counselors with the nurse giggled softly, driving Sasha even more into the paint.
It was a shame to listen how Ira laughed at him.
“I don’t know the sales,” said Tanya with mock seriousness. “You are not fooling me?” The nurse pressed Sasha’s stomach harder, forcing the boy to fart loudly.
– Someone urgently needs a pot, – Larisa smiled derisively.
– Do you want more? – Tanya asked, continuing to knead Sasha’s stomach.
Sasha could not resist and farted again, not knowing where to go from shame.
“Here is the answer,” Larisa laughed.
Having a few more sonorous bunches from the boy, the nurse finally left his stomach alone.
Sasha’s face burned with fire.
Never before in his life was he so ashamed.
– Feet shoulder-width apart! – Tanya commanded. Tsunami555 bongacam.

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