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I looked down and found that my exhausted dick still escaped from the prison of the shorts and proudly sticks out from under the robe; the prick was already red with tension, and the veins were so swollen and turned blue that they looked like a cartographic image of the floodplain of the Yenisei River.
– Well,

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fuck, do not explain anything! – I was delighted.
– Let’s start with a blowjob.
Row both to me! – I ordered.
The minxes, obviously shy, threw back the veil and, dropping on their knees, crawled into my dick’s area.
– Begin, Olenka.
– I affectionately asked, throwing off the robe and trukhan.
Olka squeezed her eyes shut and, with her mouth wide open, with a trembling hand, put the dick behind her cheek.
Yase dick – she really did not know how to suck.
Irka sat beside her and watched the events with interest.
Like, wound on a mustache.
Her eyes gleamed excitedly: “Come on, don’t disdain,” I encouraged the beginning minetchitsu, “this is just the first time, as it were, disgusting, and then you will not be pulled back by your ears.”
Tongue, tongue around the trunk of the sherudi: and what you only learn in school.
Seen how in porn porno scribbling? Gradually Olka razuharilas and things went more fun.
That’s better: – Deeper, deeper! – I moaned, noticing that she was beginning to get into the taste of business.
I barely restrained not to cum.
Trying to boil deeper, Olka choked and copiously drooled, but did not let the dick.

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I even started teasing me.
I really dragged, sometimes taking out a cock for a few seconds to prolong my oral nishtyak.
– Give me too, Ol, I want it too.
– Gave voice to Irka.
I immediately put the dick in her mouth, and she enthusiastically set to work.
Yes, so defiantly that I had to upset her a little.
Capable student was.
– Easier, easier, Irun, do not bite, this is not a cucumber to you.
Let’s take turns.
– I commanded efficiently.
Soon the girls broke up with might and main and almost pulled out my dick from each other’s friends; got sucked at the same time both, got to the eggs, put me two hickey on the belly.
I poked my finger in their snatches – the humidity is okhuyennaya! Already on the thighs flowed.
“It’s time to fuck:” – I thought, but where it is – Olka swallowed me so, and then I misunderstood that I could not stand it and made passionate sperm-washing on their young, clean faces.
– Ooo-oh, fuck, pizdato! Oooh! – I moaned, wiping the last drops on their tightly compressed lips.
– Set off to you, my girls, well done-ah! – Go wash faces, and then the skin will tighten.
And pisyulki at the same time.
– I advised them.
Girlfriends ushur in the bathroom, and I collapsed in a chair and swallowed viskarka.
Oh, well, something like, shit-II-II:
– I am not talking about that.
As a woman – what is she? – Oh, she is superb.
I told you, she understands more about blowjob than Pele in football.
She knows such tricks, such movements! Deeper throat, tender lips and flexible tongue.
– And the rest? – interrupted Lisa.
This eulogy was a bit unpleasant to her.
In addition, since the director does not sleep with women, it means that Lisa is not destined to check the words of Egor in practice.
– Even better.
– You often with her.
? – although Liza used the fact that she asks such questions that she would not dare to ask anyone and never again, but she was still shy to say the words aloud.
– Well, once a week at least.
– Like this?! – Lisa even lifted on her elbow.
– Calls me when I have no lesson.
I come to her office.
She once said that during her nervous work she needed to somehow relieve tension. Thai sex live cam.

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