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Slipped tights (it was a pity to tear these up) and turned to the wall, anticipating the moment.
After a couple of seconds, I felt Sasha’s hand, cool from the gel, glide over my hot skin, and my fingers injected the gel into my anus.
There was no power to wait: – Fuck me already, fuck! Sasha grabbed my hair and pressed my face into the back of the sofa, not allowing me to turn around: – What, slut, can’t you wait? – Yes, yes, let’s take me !!! I felt that from the desire to really move out of the coils.
And the bitch got into the taste and just drove me on the ass member.
I don’t even know how much he mocked me like that – seconds or minutes, I think I begged, cursed, almost cried.
I wanted only one thing at this moment – to feel his cock inside.
And then he let go of my hair, took me by the hips and sharply planted me on his penis.
If the lubricant helped, it was only in the first second – because of the sharp pain, I just clutched my teeth on the sofa and screamed.
And then the pain was mixed with pleasure or pleasure with pain – I still do not know what was more in that, my first time.
I do not remember how many times we both finished and started all over again.
The first thing I remember after everything ended was a clock on the wall, on which it was almost two hours – no more than an hour passed since Sasha arrived.
I was lying or rather sitting on the sofa, stretching my legs, and a torn peignoir was lying on the floor.
Tights (like the whole, I said to myself) down to their knees, bright spots stand out brightly on a black nylon.
Nearby in the same position, weakened Sasha.
Downstairs everything was brutally sore.
But even through this pain, I felt Sasha’s trickle of sperm slowly trickling out of me in half with gel.

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“What are you still turned out to be a whore – to seduce a neighbor, and even a schoolboy!” – I thought to myself, leaning towards Sasha’s penis.
But that’s another story.
Sveta, a teacher at a local university, considered herself a successful, educated and intelligent woman.
However, she highly appreciated the attention of men, although she never reciprocated them.
And there were many offers of varying degrees of frankness.
In addition to attractive looks, Sveta liked to dress not too modestly, to emphasize her gorgeous big breasts, slender legs.
And now she took the exam in a light checkered suit: a jacket with a wide neckline, so that you can open the hollow between the breasts, flared skirt, opening legs in black stockings.
Complement the image of lacquered shoes on a tall thin heels.
Svetlana, like a decent girl, is a little worried that students can see the openwork gum of stockings.
She is a little nervous about this, but still remains cold, impregnable and, most importantly, strict for her students.
And those in silence plod over their leaves.
Sometimes someone approaches, responds.
It is difficult for guys to concentrate, their gaze now and then slides into a cozy hollow.
In such cases, Sveta grins contemptuously, turning away to the window.
Finally, the last student closes the door with the words “Goodbye, Svetlana Aleksandrovna!”.
However, the door opens again.
On the threshold of a young man.
Light stumbles upon a studying look.

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Her student? But she doesn’t remember that.
Rather, one of the fans.
There is no mood to flirt, but Sveta grins and unfastens a button on her blouse, saying the opposite: “Break off”.
A second later, a young man next.
Good day! My name is Ivan.
Svetlana Alexandrovna, I want to ask you to take an exam with my friend.
He has difficult circumstances.
Maybe discuss it over dinner? Svetlana turns away wearily, knowing that she will have to be removed.
A pause is delayed, and suddenly the teacher hears: But you want to become a whore! Light goes numb.
She does not know what to answer, but inside everything turns upside down.
I want to shout, to explain: “Look at me, at the princess, graceful, feminine, well-groomed.
Where the fuck is in me? ”, But for some reason it knocks in the brain:“ You want to become a fuck! ”.
No, no, it’s funny! Sveta laughs heartily, putting contempt into laughter.
You did not understand.
Not just a vulgar slut, but one that is completely subordinate to his master, even ends up on his order.
What is submissive and executive, what would the owner would not want. Teen home sex cam.

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