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The heels in general seemed so stone, with small cracks along the edges.
As a young guy could so rude feet, I could not imagine.
Despite this, I did not see any more beautiful feet, and spent about 20 minutes stroking them, feeling pleasant stiffness.
My guest woke up around eight in the morning and looked at me with blue, uncomprehending eyes.
I explained to him where he was and how he got here.
To which Sergey, as he was called, during a beer hangover, told his story: 23 years old, lives in the Kherson region in a small steppe village.
Works as a laborer in a former collective farm.
In our city came with a truck of watermelons for sale, as a loader.
After 3 days of trading I decided to rest, relax.
I met at the market with the company, well drank.
And cheap vodka plus heat did their job: they didn’t remember how it was 4 kilometers from the bazaar.
For this, he was embarrassed in front of me.
I asked if they had not robbed him by jokingly pointing at his bare feet.
Realizing the hint and grinning, Sergey replied that he was walking barefoot from early April to November, and even longer, if the weather permits.
Why? – I got used to it from childhood, it is not hot in summer, it is easy, especially when you live in a car for a week, and it is more convenient to work.
How nice it was to listen to the tramp of iron heels on linoleum.
I was very sorry that the guy was not gay (he looked too courageous), and did not want to expose himself in front of him.
After a shower and breakfast, Sergey asked to show the way to the market.
How attractive and athletic he looked in his clothes and barefoot (the lack of shoes does not spoil the look).
We went on foot to see the city of Sergei.
The asphalt melted under the sun, but his bare feet with tanned soles did not feel it.
We said goodbye to friends already near the market, today they were leaving home.
And a year later I remember those rough bare feet and their owner.

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And I hope that this August he will come to us again.
It was a surprisingly cool summer morning.
Going up the steps of the house, Alain knocked on the door.
No one answered.
Probably, Dimkin’s mother left for the city, she thought, and he is alone now.
They met two months ago at the university, when the semester was about to end and you had to start thinking about exams.

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Alyona finished the first course in philology, Dimka – the third in mathematics.
Despite the beautiful and turbulent romance, somehow quickly formed surprisingly warm and trusting relationships, they did not fill up the exams, and even passed them very successfully.
To the indescribable pleasure of both, it turned out that their parents’ country cottages were out of town in the same summer cottage and not far from each other, which promised a promising summer.
Alain quietly went into the room – Dima was asleep.
He was lying on his stomach, his hands under the pillow and his head turned slightly to the side.
Alyona saw that the blanket was wrapped up and Dina’s bare feet were sticking out from under him.
The morning sunshine fell on them, and from this the soles shone with a beautiful yellow-orange light.
Alain came closer, knelt down and began to examine the legs of her twenty-year-old friend.
Feet were strong, clean washed.
Although Dima was by no means a country guy, but rather corresponded to the textbook image of the “student”, the skin on his soles was very hardened and had a yellowish tint in those places that touch the ground when walking.
The girl suddenly seized an irrepressible desire to touch those legs, and she did this by touching the back of her feet first.
The skin was dry, smooth, but slightly rough from the constant action of the sun and wind; small folds of skin and wrinkles were places whitish.
Then Alain held her palm on the sole.
Here the skin was dry and hard.
– How many passed those bare feet on the ground! – thought Alain and, having sat down on the floor, began to examine her left leg, putting it on the right thigh.
The skin on her sole was smooth, the heel – pink.
Switching to the guy again, she put her finger under his very toes, tickled there – Dima slightly moved his foot, but continued to sleep – and slowly began to descend to the heel.
The tender skin between the fingers rather abruptly passed into the corpus collosum beneath them (where the weight falls when standing up on the tiptoes), on which there were areas a little less and more coarse.
In the middle of the sole, where the foot forms the arch, the skin was smooth because it did not touch the ground.
Alyona gently felt the guy’s heels – the skin on the heels was stiff, callous, although on the sides they somehow immediately turned into a rather thin one.
– My Dima has heels like a hoof! – flashed the thought in her head, and then for some reason she felt some pride. Tajik sex online.

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