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Warning her protest, he continued.
– Or I will have to turn off the lights.
The bandage is next to you.
The girl hesitantly looked at the pillow near her right elbow.
A thin black strip of fabric seemed to her remarkably similar to a snake curled into a ring and prepared for a throw.
Leksani’s hand touched the bandage, fingers clenched into a fist, grabbing the tape.
– You’re slow.
– Calmly stated the fact of invisibility.
– Do not worry, I’m with you.
The girl snorted, nervously thinking that these words could hardly serve as a consolation in this situation.
Nevertheless, she tied the long ends of the bandage so that the light stopped penetrating the gaps between the fabric and the skin.
Immediately a warm hand gently touched her cheeks.
– See, I say that there is nothing terrible in the fact that you do not see.
The palm slid over the skin, leaving fiery scars in the girl’s thoughts.
The hand has shifted: now the invisible with sensitive fingers passed along her neck.
After a few moments, the fingers sank even lower, exposing the unburned skin of the shoulder.
Behind the skin fingers touched the hot dry lips of a stranger.
Lexan flinched: a light, almost fleeting touch reminded her of the touch of the wings of a ba-barrel in a thick tall meadow grass, stirring under the breath of the wind.

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Fascinated by her thoughts, she barely noticed how her agile fingers pulled the blouse further.
Thin, translucent fabric could not stand the onslaught and with a barely audible crack, it broke.
The girl gasped frightenedly, but an upset voice tried to calm her down.
– Sorry, I did not want to.
If you forgive me, then I will give you a new one.
You are welcome.
Lexan caught the invisible hand and asked.
– Why are you hiding? Do you have something to face? – No, just more interesting.
If you want, I’ll take off the bandage later.
– Laughing invisible.
Instead of answering, the girl put her hand on her shoulder again and relaxed.
Following the palm, the bra strap slipped, “To be continued.”
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university was a boring day.
They did not say anything new, it was hot, Tonka did not notice me.
I thought I’d die there.
But no, I survived, and even reached the house.
Having the pleasure of taking a shower, I went to my room.
Learning matt did not insert me at all.
I began to think about what to do.
Fortunately for me, I read the news about the “meeting of pregnant women.”
Taking out the box with the huge name of the manufacturer on its side, I turned it over and dumped the contents onto the bed.
As you guessed, there were shells of different girls of different ages.
More precisely, the shells were seven black women, an Asian schoolgirl, a pregnant European blonde, a red-haired Emochka, an adult woman, a sexy middle-aged brunette, and a strict teacher with enormous virtues. Skype sex online.

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