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He is a former military intelligence officer, now retired, and works as head of security at a reputable bank.
By the way, this very “Lexus” is a gift from the general director for preventing the kidnapping of his son.
Not married.
Or rather – divorced many years ago.
his wife could not bear his long business trips and, gathering things, left, taking her daughter with her.
Tatyana Viktorovna also shared with her the main details of her life, but her story turned out much shorter.
life of a modest teacher was less dramatic.
The house of Valery Ivanovich did not fit into the concept of “house” as it is customary to consider it in the village of Voskresenskoye.
It was a two-story mansion, enclosed by an elegant fence, located, as it is now fashionable to say, in an ecologically clean area, and simply on the outskirts.

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Automatic gates missed the car in the combined with the house garage.
Apparently, the owner led a fairly active lifestyle.
in one corner of the garage was a brilliant imported snowmobile, and in the other, on a special hanger hung a black wetsuit, long flippers, and some sophisticated breathing apparatus.
They entered the house directly from the garage.
Tatiana Viktorovna saw such an environment only on TV, in endless television series about the rich life.
She was very hungry, and she volunteered to manage the kitchen to cook dinner.
And what not to manage in such a kitchen, where everything is so beautifully and comfortably furnished, and there are any appliances that you may need when cooking! She stewed chicken in the oven, made two salads – one simpler – from cucumbers with tomatoes, and the other – exotic, with olives and champignons.

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When they sat down at the table, twilight began on the street, and a fine and thick autumn rain started, and everything that happened in a cozy, well-lit house acquired some solemnity.
The host poured a glass of ruby ??wine to the guest, and a glass of vodka for himself.
The first toast was drunk, as usual, for the acquaintance.
The second toast is for the guest.
And after the third toast for love, Tatyana Viktorovna felt that she was already tipsy.
She was drawn to the conversations, and she chatted incessantly about various things.
about her life, about the school in which she teaches, and the difficult share of rural workers.
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