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And so, near the pond with swans, in the bushes, leaning on a park bench and sticking out the ass, the bride was deeply moved and gave to the groom’s friend.
The vile friend told a sentimental story about how the count, the former owner of the manor, loved the serf girl Parasha on this very spot.
It used to come out on the porch: “Where is my Parasha? But not this one, not prison, fuck! My darling!”.
And he is already carrying a naked Parasha in his arms.
Masha was deeply moved, took off her crinoline skirt, panties, and gave herself to the narrator on the spot.
But a crinoline wedding skirt is not a needle in a haystack.
She was noticed by keen-eyed girls, and saw that the naked bride was blowing in the bushes, otkryachit ass.
This whispered Van.
But other well-wishers whispered to Masha that Vanya in a carriage with her best friend was playing at all in a bad mood.
The wedding almost smoothly did not turn into a divorce, but everything turned out well.
Life has improved, Masha persuaded her husband to get married in church, because “marriages are made in heaven”, and the Wedding Palace is great, but not that! They got married.
It is even inconvenient to write about it (the church, of course, does not approve of such behavior!), But after the wedding, the husband and his wife and guests again sifted heavily.
The father barely reasoned the youth, which is not necessary in the church of God to engage in drunkenness and debauchery.
After the wedding, they left the church and drove in two limousines.
It turned out somehow that the young were in different machines.
As a result, Vanya woke up on a feather bed between two magnificent girls (in other words, “TELKS”), of which none even remotely looked like his wife.

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The heifers were hot and full, and even seemed to be sweaty (it was a hot summer!) And they did not let Vanya go to see his wife for a long time.
Masha also came to her senses in the bath, in her mouth, front and back, according to the member of the burly young “MALES”, and next to her was a small, but impatient line to her body.
The wedding also threatened to go into a scandal, “divorce and maiden name.”
Cost this time.
But, as you understand, the husband and wife were not against adultery.
However, after the wedding life flowed measured and smoothly.
Young lived in perfect harmony, therefore, they changed each other extremely rarely.
Vanya is a handsome brunette with black eyes, black mustache and a small beard.
Balagur, womanizer, slanting sazhen in the shoulders, muscular, not a fool to drink, neigh, eat and eat.
He had intelligent parents, an innate sense

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of humor and a rich inheritance.
Complementing all these advantages is a high position and a decent salary.
Masha is a charming blonde with slim legs, big breasts, plump lips (upper and lower) and strong ass.
Sex with them has always been hot, but monotonous.
Whether therefore, perhaps because the maidens from show business have often been photographed nude for glossy magazines, Masha also wanted to capture her strong young body for contemporaries, and maybe for her descendants.
Face (large) with open mouth and wet lips, bare breasts with protruding nipples, geometrically flawless butt with closed “buns” and with two hands apart to the sides, trimmed pubis, steep thighs, strong tummy.
The couple bought on the advice of “cool professionals”, who in childhood reached masterpieces with the help of “Change”, a camera, but, as Vanya did, the fastidious Masha was dissatisfied with the quality of the pictures.
“Do not marry the girls, Nothing good.
In the morning you get up – boobs to the side, And n% # yes tousled. ”
Seraphim Pupov went to the airport in great excitement.
He had a very long flight, almost ten hours.
But the flight didn’t worry Seraphim, he was a smuggler.
He had been there for a long time, almost ten years.
He was carrying drugs and jewels across the border.
He transported all this in a very original way.
He hid all this into his anus so deeply that no dog could sense it, and even if they checked it wouldn’t get it anyway.
Customs officers every year became more angry, and the anus of Seraphim deeper.
And the Seraphim never washed his ass, and from this he had a huge poop there in his nest, and she was not going to leave this place. Sex video watch online hd.

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