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Do not even think.
-Well, if I ask very much? the main thing is what you will do nicely to your friend and no one will ever know about it.
and I, under his hypnosis requirement, agreed.
first kissed the head and then began to suck at him.
somewhere in minutes adik finished.
he held my head with his hands and I could not wriggle out and had to swallow his sperm.
He didn’t let me out until his dick fell into my mouth.
I ran all the red in the bathroom to wash.
When I came back, Adik sat there and watched TV.
We didn’t talk for half an hour somewhere.
first he nachit.
-well done! you suck cool
I liked it very much.
I did not know what to say.
– you fear no one will know.
only you should know that you are now not only my friend.
-who else? -we will now often repeat this and I want to fuck you in the ass.
what do you say to that? I was shocked.
I realized that I fell seriously and probably for a long time.
Adik fucked me that day.
and after that, every day he found time and, right in the toilet in the classroom at the entrance to the gym, forced him to suck off.
I even got used to it.
Once he was right in a chemistry class made me climb under the desk to give him a blowjob.
Fortunately, no one understood anything.
My ass has already been developed and he easily fucked me almost every day.
it lasted until the end of school.
one and half year.
we finished school and goodbye after a stormy fuck, adik kissed me on the lips and said everything.
I will set you free.
live your own life.
but remember! sometime somewhere we will meet and i will make you throughout the program.
if then you will be married then she will get it too.
so we broke up.
12 years ago I have been married.
I have 2 children.
and after it I never once succumbed and there was not a single man in my life.

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– great we met! how glad I am.
I came for a few days on business.
– and where are you staying? – for nowhere.
if you don’t invite me to my hotel, I’ll go.
I looked at him and thought that the children’s fun was long gone and Adik made a serious impression and made another stupidity.
invited him to his.
As soon as I presented my wife to him, I immediately realized that I was mistaken.
his gaze rested on the cleavage of the lights.
after the children were put to bed, the adik took out 2 bottles of expensive wine from his briefcase.
Light covered the table and went running.
after the wine was over we went out with an adicom for a smoke.
-sash you remember our last time? -admissible.
-excellently! then you now go out for a bottle and return no earlier than 30 minutes.
got it? -.
I give you a guarantee.
she won’t know about us.
and when I came out I

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knew perfectly well that Adik would fuck my Svetka.
I returned after 40 minutes.
Sveta was in the kitchen.
while Adik was sitting on the couch watching TV.
everything was fine.
I even thought that Svetka had cut it off.
Adik we laid in the living room and wished good night went to sleep.
I was tormented by doubts and I could not sleep.
somewhere in half an hour the light moved.
I pretended to be asleep. She made sure that I slept and got up and went to the adic.
Five minutes later, I could not stand it and cautiously crept up to the living room door.
Sveta at full speed galloping on his penis.
-your my hat! do you like my trunk? -.
Yes very.
– your hubby coached him for a long time? – did he tell you anything? -not.
why? Nothing.
you keep it up
you will know later.
I was ready to fail.
and barely dragged himself to bed and lay down.
after a while the light came in and checked me out when I saw that I did not wake up, sighed with relief and went to bed.
I waited and after she fell asleep I got up and went to the alik.
-Adic you promised me that she would not know anything.
– she doesn’t know anything.
and why are you coming? -.
-come to me.
don’t you want to say hello to your fighter? go and kiss him.
and he is in my mouth again.
then he dramatically lifts me up with cancer and enters me.
and only now I saw how my Svetka stands in the doorway and looks at this sight – you see Sash, I didn’t say anything to her.
if you had not come herself she would not have known anything.
come to us svetka.
and she looks me straight in the eyes and approaches him and kisses his wide chest.
Several times Vika stopped to give herself a short respite and ask if we liked everything.
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