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And this between us has never been.
No, I even insist on it.
– Well, so what? – I wish that you could not take possession of me just like now.
– It’s easy.
I promise.
– And in a fit of passion, forget how it was already.
– But you liked it? – But now I would like to have another.
– So what? – I want to.
– he deliberately made pauses between the words, and therefore they seemed to sound with some magical power: – That you were.
In a moment the woman recoiled from him.
“Leave your desires with you, sir,” she exclaimed with anger.
The young man looked so bewildered that the countess took pity on him.
“Listen, Etienne,” she said: “Let’s not spoil our relationship on the last, perhaps, day.”
Let’s assume you said nothing? – Countess, you yourself told me that the most important thing in our relationship is mutual understanding.

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Remember how you warned me (and more than once) “if something is wrong, let’s discuss it right now.”
Now I am telling you this (I think I have the right to do this).
Let’s discuss it now.
“All right, my boy,” said the Countess, sitting down on the bed again: “If you insist so.”
– You do not believe that I love you? – From what? I believe.
– Then trust me.
“Listen, I will tell you,” the countess interrupted him, putting her hand to his lips: “If it is not enough that I was kneeling in front of you, I am ready to offer you more.”
Do you want me to dress as a servant, and give myself to you as a commoner? You can fully enjoy your power and my humiliation.
– I did not expect such words from you, – said the young man: – Such reproaches.
To have power over you – yes.

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But not in order to humiliate, no.
I long to caress you.
I studied this science under your guidance by studying your body, but I have never been able to realize everything that has been studied, because every time you took the upper hand.
Now I want to deprive you of such an opportunity, so that you can only enjoy my caresses.
That’s why I want to tie you up.
– But I.
– answered the countess in confusion: – Understand me, my friend, because I never allowed anyone and did not think that I would allow it.
You ask too much.
– Of course, – the young man answered in his turn: – After all, I ask – you.
– I do not know.
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