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When he was completely in me, one hand squeezed my buttock, the other held my neck and stood up more comfortably, he began to fuck me, it was something! His balls were beating hard on my wet crotch, he then pulled out completely, then just completely abruptly entered, at that time I was ready to stand so forever, so long as he continued.
Soon he abruptly came out and turned me back on his knees, abruptly pulling off the gum, he began to masturbate, I opened my mouth in anticipation of his sperm and stuck out the tongue.
several large servings of sperm literally flooded my whole face and shook off.
He pulled on his pants and left silently.
I got up from the floor and licking his sperm from his face, straightening the strip of panties on the pope touched his open and wet ass and massaging it rapidly finished.
I rested in the country with my girlfriend Nadia.
Parents should have picked me up in about a week.
I do not want to dwell on it – really, this is not particularly

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interesting, but because of one not very pleasant story, I messed up all the clothes I had, and there was no other clothes.
I walked in a towel, as it was hot and everything was fine until an unexpected cold came.
Now I just sat at home all day.
We lived in the village, and, of course, it was boring to sit in the same room all the time.
Nadia came up to me, unable to bear it, and said: – Let you put something on mine? Nobody knows you, so nothing like that.
I was embarrassed and refused.
“Nothing, I’ll bring you something, but we’ll see,” Nadia said slyly, and ran off to herself.
I was alarmed because I didn’t want to wear girlish clothes at all.

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But Nadia was already returning with a white blouse and a black wide skirt.
“Hey, why the skirt?” – I was indignant.
“You have no pants, do you?” Nadia rummaged through her things and took out her short, blue shorts in a daisy.
– Here, try on, – she gave them to me.
– But they are still very thin and uncomfortable, it is better to be like a normal skirt, I will honestly tell you.
– Oh, what are you, – I was scared.
In addition, the skirt is very comfortable.
And if you walk in such a way that is not clear, then of course they will laugh.
And summer is not over soon.
Since it is not clear how to walk, I didn’t like it at all, I would even agree on a skirt, but it would be too humiliating to talk about this to Nadia, and even to wear her skirt with her on herself.
So, blushing, I refused.
“Stupid,” she said.
– Here I have a normal dress, and I do not suffer from anything.
Come and get dressed.
I suddenly experienced an incomprehensible excitement at the type of clothes offered to me, and the fact that Nadia was normal about this made me think.
In general, I put on a blouse and somehow buttoned.
Nadia looked at me critically.
“Nothing, but it is clear that there is no breast,” she said.
– Now fix it.
She immediately pulled a white bra out of the dresser and handed it to me.
I was taken aback.
– What is it? And why is he to me? – How why? All the girls wear it! And you put on, and then there will be questions why this boy put on a women’s blouse.
And so everyone understands that you have chest.
Nadia behaved quite seriously and did not laugh at me, so I was a little bit used to it and had a calm attitude to the idea of ??dressing up.
“Well, okay,” I said carefully.
She helped me take off my blouse and put the straps on my shoulders.
Then she helped to fasten the bra on the back.
After that, I put her blouse on again.
Chest immediately bound with a rubber band.
“Hey, it’s harder to breathe,” I said.
“Nothing, I wear it all the time,” the girl replied.
– You will get used also.
And now – a skirt.
After the bra, I didn’t care, so I meekly got into a spacious skirt and zipped it up.
She enveloped my legs quite nicely, covering her bare knees a little.
“So, it’s better to cover your unnecessarily hairy legs with pantyhose,” said Nadia and took out a pack of thin nylon pantyhose from the same dresser.
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